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Couple of quick code questions re: placing receptacles

Had a couple of quick questions about where to place receptacles. It's my understanding that I need recepts at least every 12' on the wall, and on every wall bigger than 2'. Based on that, had a question about 3 specific instances.

  1. Do I need receptacles in closets if their walls are longer than 2'? I know I need lights, but wasn't sure about receptacles.
  2. Do I need receptacles on both sides of a hallway?
  3. In 2 of my bedrooms, I've got a bit of an "alcove" where the door is that's caused by the wall of the closet being built into the room. Do I need a receptacle in this wall since it's > 2'. I was worried that anything plug in the receptacle would get smacked by the door.
Thanks again for the assist.

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I put them in my closets. The electricians seem to think it's kind of wierd, but it's cheap, so why not? I'd put one in that alcove too. You never know what you might want to put there someday. Maybe a nightlight, or some kind of something. I've also found myself plugging the vaccuum into outlets on very short walls -- they're rarely blocked while all the others have furniture in front of them.

On a 12' wall I'll usually put two at the ends instead of one in the middle. An electrician suggested that to me, and it's a really good idea. I seem to be much more likely to have something in a corner than a middle.
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I only put outlets in walk-in closets
I did put one in on the 1st floor when I had my wireless router /hub in there

In my addition all of my outlets are 4-6' apart - not 12'
Used to be lamp cords (and other plug-in items) were 6' longer the case
I install an outlet within 2' of every door
Hallway if longer then "x" (30' ?) needs a 2nd outlet
Mine's 14' long & I added one 5' from one end (didn't have any)
The other end has an outlet up high now - used to be a shut-off for an oil fired HW heater
There isn't any room to put anything in my hallway (30" wide) so it's just for a vacuum
Not sure about the alcove...technically you need one (I think)

Maybe not..............
not to include doorways, areas occupied by a door when fully opened

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You do not need receptacles in closets. In fact there are some restrictions about putting them there.
Hallways are exempt for th 6/12 rule.
Not sure about the alcove from your description. A wall for the purposes of this code wraps around corners until it hits another door or something that ends it. An inside or outside corner does not end the wall.

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Unless there is a local requirement you do not need lights in the closet. In fact the NEC severely limits the type and placement of closet lighting.

Based on your bedroom description I would say you would need a receptacle on the wall that is the outside of the closet.

Hallways, measured along the centerline, which are greater than 10' need at least one receptacle.
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