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Continuity Test

My dryer runs but won't heat. I was told it could be the igniter or thermostat. I have to check for continuity on the thermostat but I can't figure out how to work it. I bought a cheap pen light type tester. One end is a clamp the other end uses the side of the pen light.

Can you help?
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You will need a multi meter that has a continuity test function or resistance function. Just put the two probes at the two ends you want to test for continuity. It should display "true" if there is continuity, or "false" if there is not. (this may be indicated by a beep, light, or w/e depends on the meter).

You can make one easily by using a battery and light bulb and some wire then just break the circuit and use the ends as the probes. If the thermostat comes out easily form the circuit test it on it's own that way you know there is not continuity somewhere else in the circuit. With no continuity it means the thermostat is off.

The tester you describe is more for testing if something is live, but it's not really acurate if you are wanting to test a specific circuit as it is environment based so something else around may trigger it. I tend to use it in conjunction with a multimeter but don't really like to rely on it 100%.
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Here they are testing fuses for continuity using different testers...
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Remove the back cover of the dryer. Where the element is located, you will find a small disc with two wires attached to it. Check and see if it's open. (One wire must be disconnected when performing a continuity test). If you have no meter, connect the two wires together with a wirenut and then try the dryer. Turn it on. If it heats, remove the plug and then get a replacement thermostat. If that does not correct it, post back as I have a couple more ideas.
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