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ceiling fan/ loop wire

The existing ceiling light has 2 wires 1 is black 1 is white. There are 4 wires coming out of the ceiling. {2 white & 2 black} 2 white wires from the ceiling are connected --- the BLACK wire from the light is connected to the black wire from the ceiling. The WHITE wire from the light connects to the other black wire from the ceiling. HOW do I connect a ceiling fan/with light so that the light is controlled by the ONLY wall switch and the fan operates independentaly { hot all the time} controlled by the pull chain??

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You lost me with the description. Tell us all the wires and the connection. I believe you should have had one of the light connection to the white group you claim has not other connections or possibly the neutral is being switched instead of the hot.
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Originally Posted by DOC10178 View Post
I want to change a ceiling light to a ceiling fan with light. I want the fan to operate independent of the wall switch { ceiling fan HOT ALL the time} controlled by chain ONLY!! WALL SWITCH CONTROLS ONLY THE LIGHT.
The current ceiling light has a black to white and a black to black connection. there is also a white to white conection that is NOT connectected tothe current ceiling light
1. If I am understanding you right in the ceiling box you have a black and a white spliced together. And from that wire where the white and black are spliced together that black is attached to the black from the light I am guessing? Well take that black off the current ceiling light and attach it to the blue from the fan.

2. The white from the fan attaches to the whites in the box

3. Now the black from the ceiling fan will splice with the two blacks that are already spliced together.
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Hook the fan up just like the light except twist the fan blue and fan black together. This will power the light and fan.
Pull the chain until the fan is off. Now the switch will only control the light. Just like the light did before. Pull the chains to operate the fan.

I know you drew a picture of how your light was hooked up, right.
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Hook the fan up just like the light except twist the fan blue and fan black together.
He wants the light to be independant from the fan. Not a bad idea as you use the light a LOT more often than the fan.


The way you described it, the wiring in the ceiling is incorrect. Somebody took it apart and screwd it up.

This is a good time to fix it but you need a voltage tester.

First, check the switch box. Pull out the switch and make sure there are only 2 wires in it.

Next, determine which pair of B/W wires in the ceiling box is hot. The other pair is the switch loop.

Once you determine that, wirenut the black hot to the white switch loop.

You will be left with a single black (coming from the switch) and a single white(going back to the source.

Fan black goes to black/white (power)

Fan white goes to single white (neutral)

Fan blue goes to single black (from switch)

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