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It's one of things that kinda evolves.
Years ago, receptacles had 2 prongs, and were not polarized.
Test proved grounds are safer, code made changes and things move forward.
A large percentage of people never do anything to stoves and dryers, but replace them.
Like the mad scientist said, code says it is illegal to extend a 3 wire stove or dryer circuit, just like it is prohibited from extending a 2 wire circuit.
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Originally Posted by drjay9051 View Post
Seems to be a difference of opinion in this thread regarding safety.

Does anybody know for sure about safety of three wire?? It would be a lot easier to just reroute the 3 wireto the new location as opposed to running new 4 wire from box to new location. However if it is really unsafe Ill go the extra step. I did not plan on just adding fourth wire If I go this route I will get 10/3 with ground. Again, safe or not??

Please ignore my posts, and the replies. I've inadvertently hijacked your thread, causing you to be more confused. I apologize.

I think the consensus here is that if you haven't moved or replaced the dryer, that it's okay to leave it as is. BUT again, please concentrate on the replies from the pros to you.
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Originally Posted by sirsparksalot View Post
I'm not trying to bust chops either, just interested in knowledge.

You and others keep repeating the situation where a neutral comes loose, and getting a return path via ground to the chassis of the appliance. And that this can be fatal. I agree. But then, you say it's alright to leave it as is because it's grandfathered to the code, and that if wired properly (what's proper?) it is as safe as 4-wire. Pardon my ignorance, but this sounds contridictory.

My argument isn't with you guys, it's with the NEC, but obviously you understand it better thatn I do, so I only ask for opinions
Not all wiring is easily accessible
Should everyone be required to rip open walls & replace wiring as codes change every 3 years ?
What about plumbing ?
Insulation ?
Myself I'd install 4 wire....only takes one electrocution to ruin your day

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