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20A SAB circuit question

I have been looking at the NEC book and can't seem to get a definitive answer ...I am wiring up my kitchen and need to know if i need to get 20a receptacles or if I can use 15a duplex..I am using 12g and have the first outlet GFCI and am going to protect all downstream outlets from that one. I know i need to run 2 of these SAB circuits, can 1 of them be for the fridge? I read somewhere it can be but isn't the best idea to have fridge on gfci.

Also the dining room has to be on SAB as well. Was wondering what classifies as a "Dining Room"? We have 2 rooms next to one another and one room is next to the kitchen but it was a living/family room but decided to use the front room for that and now have a dining room table in this room. Technically it isnt a dining room (has a closet in it), if i don't run SAB circuit to this room and we move the couch an tv back in here, will it pass inspection being that it is the room next to the kitchen (kitchen has small breakfast nook in it which has to be SAB)
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Yes you can use 15 amp duplexes on a 20 amp circuit.

The fridge can be on one os the SABC, or you can install a 15 amp circuit dedicated to the frig.

I would ask your inspector about the dining room and the SABC.
Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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? SAB circuit... I'm assuming you mean "Small Appliance Branch Circuit" . . . you're being too official. It's just a circuit, and you need two of them.

Yep. You need two 20A circuits, minimum for your kitchen. You can put 15A receptacles on 20A circuits, as long as there's more than one of them (and a duplex counts as two)... SOOOO unless you're planning on somehow wiring your entire kitchen with only two single receptacles (which would mean you obviously have eight feet or less of counter space, NO non-counter wall space, and NO fixed appliances... and you're insane), I'd say you're well within the criteria for using normal 15A duplex receptacles!

The diningroom does not HAVE to be on the same circuit as the kitchen. It CAN be. Or it can NOT be. It can be attached to the neighbor's livingroom light if you'd like (but then we've got problems with multiple servi... whoa I'm getting way off topic here...)

Standard procedure for me: Two 20A circuits for kitchen counter receptacles (I use two-pole GFCI breakers [which the section-8 people hate me for - they always complain that there need to be GFCIs and I have to argue. Every... stinking... time...], a multiwire circuit, and split duplexes), 15A circuit for refrigerator (haven't seen one that needed 20A yet, ever), whatever circuits are needed for fixed appliances (disposal, dishwasher, etc.) and a single 20A circuit for other kitchen (non-counter, non-fixed) and diningroom receptacles. Kitchen lighting gets attached to general lighting circuit for that floor. UC lighting, if present, same. Sane range hoods land on general lighting too, insanely-huge ones get their own circuits.

Take that, modify to suit your needs (you'll probably want to skip the DP GFCI breaker, for instance), I bet it works for you.
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