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Time for a new basement dehumidifier? Recommendations?

I have a roughly 1,000 sf basement, finished, but not furnished or occupied.

The dehumidifier is a GE model purchased in 2014. It's normally set to keep the basement at 35% humidity, but never seems to get it to that level. Not in the summer when the air conditioning is running, not in the winter when it's dry outside.

Typically, the readout says 45/50% humidity during the summer, but today, after a day of heavy rain, and now it's cool enough that the a/c isn't running, it says 55%.

The thing runs constantly. Not three hours on, two minutes off, but continuously.

There's no analog/dial setting for fan speed or humidity level; just some digital push buttons where one can adjust the desired humidity level up or down in increments of 5%.

I have it drain into the sump pump, so can't comment on how much water is collecting from it running.

But, just based on the information provided, is it time for a new dehumidifier? And if so, what might be recommended?
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Re: Time for a new basement dehumidifier? Recommendations?

They are rated in pints/day.

There are usually 3 sizes and if you buy the smallest one then it may not keep up.

Check HDepot and look at the specs and buy the medium capacity one and try it.

Nobody here knows how much humidity you gain/day but I found in my basement I need a mid sized one 35 pint. 20 pint is the smallest and then they go 45-50 pint.
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Re: Time for a new basement dehumidifier? Recommendations?

Dehumidifiers lose capacity and efficiency rapidly as the humidity goes down.

Set it to 50% and be done - don't need it lower, it's enough to prevent mold growth.

I would never recommend less than 45 to 50 pints for a basement, but I'm in a more humid climate than lets say, winnipeg. If the foundation has never been water proofed, 1000 sq ft basement may need 70 pint.

You need enough capacity to maintain 50% in the worst conditions when running continuously.

Yours may be a little undersized. Not enough to justify replacement, but when you end up replacing, go a little larger.

All big box store dehumidifiers are chinese junk - if you want something good and efficient, you need to spend $1000 minimum.
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