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Should I pay full or part


I called the HVAC company since the AC was not working and I told them to check everything and tell me what was needed to be fixed. They came in and said the electrical was the problem and that we needed the electrician to come in. They came in (2 electricians) and 2 HVAC guys. They said that they fixed the electrical wiring and brought it up to code. The HVAC guys at the end said they tested the system and all was good.
We went out of town for more than 1 week and came back the unit had flooded, ceiling, hardwood floor, baseboard all damaged. When I go check the airhandler the duct was not connected to the air handler (I have a heat pump on the roof and airhandler on the attic).
Additionally we all suffered from allergies after we came back.
So I called them back and they said the problem was the pump, and that the pump did not have the emergency shutoff connected and in order to do that they needed to charge more. (They did connected it however they did not put in a pan under the pump.

Anyway the HVAC was not cooling after all this. So I decided to call another company. They found out that the freon had leaked and added 2 lbs of freon. They said that the duct not being connected might have caused the leak.

Now I wonder if I should pay them. Also I checked with the city and the electricians had not pulled a permit (its the law that a licenece electrician should perform any work and also pull a permit - as a home owner I cannot get a electrical permit)

So should I pay full or portion? Please let me know
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"AC was not working"

What was the first problem?
If you asked them to check everything, they should have mentioned ALL these issues.

Also they should have mentioned that your unit doesn't have flow switch on the primary and drain pan and that drain line is clean.

The first technician should have told you that your system was low of refrigerant.

Check the invoice you got from the first technician if he wrote all these issues

Something is really wrong from you or the first technician.

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Low refrigerant can cause freezeups which can result in water leaks, but it's difficult to say definitively who is at fault in cases like this. Overflowing drains are not unusual, but any system installed overhead should be equipped with (a) a primary drain, (b) a secondary drain and (c) a shutoff switch in the secondary to turn off the AC system if water builds up in the secondary drain (and possible a drain switch in the primary drain line, for even more protection).

Without knowing what the electrical problem was, it's hard to say whether the first tech could have even checked the system out thoroughly. If the system were tripping breakers, for example, then the tech may not have been able to run the system long enough to check for proper refrigerant levels. However, AFTER the electricans finished up, the techs could certainly have done so (and should have).

Leaks happen, but as long as there are sufficient safeguards in place you can generally catch them before they cause troubles. .
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You'll want to call the company and work it out with them. This is a DIY forum, not legal advise.
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4 Techs?
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The duct not being connected, had nothing to do with the system leaking.

call the original company up, and ask them when their insurance agent is coming over to access the damage, and get estimates on the repairs.
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Originally Posted by bobelectric View Post
4 Techs?
Im guessing two techs, two helpers...
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