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Gate Operator

Current AGS 900 operator no longer works and we believe it might be the board.
We called around and discovered that mechanical parts to this operator are no longer available. Electronic parts such as boards are still available.

Unfortunately, the boards themselves are expensive.
I called a technician and he gave us a quote over the phone. He said that if the boards were damaged, at minimum 2 boards would have to be replaced and the cost would be $1,100 for the two boards plus an additional cost for labor.

Another technician agreed to come down to evaluate the operator and the metal gate and he determined that we were better off buying a new operator.
His quote was $1,500 for a new operator plus $500 in labor. He did not indicate the type of operator that he would use but he did say he would install a new one.

We made a telephone call to one more technician and he requested photos of the gate with the inoperable operator. We provided photos and measurements.
The gate is steel and has wheels that slide on rails.
Gate is 18 feet in length. Heavy door. Weight unknown.

This technician quoted the following:
$3,200 for a RAM 100 operator and $3,500 for a RAM 1000 operator.

I went to research brand new operators and they all vary in price.
I found them to be around $900 to $3,500.

I was looking at some of these operators (automate gate openers) and they don't appear to be hard to install. I guess the wiring might be a challenge for us but I think the mechanical installation doesn't look all that threatening.

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with gate operators and can maybe advise us on which type of operators to stay away from and which ones are pretty good.

Not sure if we should be posting this here. If needed, please move thread to appropriate forum.

Any advice is greatly appreciated
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Re: Gate Operator

You wonít find much traffic on this forum about automated gates, unfortunately. Iíve made a few modifications to the operation of ours and had to repair a few things. Ours is a swing gate operator so I canít advise you on a replacement for your sliding gate operator. DoorKing, the manufacturer of our system, seems to be a big player in the market for both types of gates.

I had a look through the AGS 900 manual that I found online (from 1999). It doesnít seem that AGS has an online presence anymore and the address shown in the manual is used by another business now, so itís probable that theyíre no longer operating. That might factor into your decision to repair or replace this unit.

Another point in your decision making between repair and replace may be the changes to UL 325, the standard that gate openers follow. It was updated in 2016 with the goal of increasing safety, but at the expense of making them more complicated, with more potential for things to go wrong.

Depending on what is included in your system replacing it may give you some upgrades that youíd like to have, like in-ground loops to automate the opening of the gate if youíre expecting someone, or an intercom system at the gate so that visitors can contact you from there.

Are you past the point of trying to diagnose and repair the problem? Printed circuit boards (PCB) can be repaired, depending on what the fault is.

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