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Trimmed an evergreen wayyy back

Along my driveway I cut back into a big square shrub a good 18 inches, so now I can see all the barren branches/limbs. Is there anything I can do to spur lots of new/small growth on these mature limbs? Its actually a few shrubs grown together.

I trimmed some holes into the top canopy so light can now penetrate into the shrub a little. The heavy hacking was only on the one side to make clearance for car doors.
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It depends a lot on the type of evergreen shrub you have. If it is a yew and you cut the branches back so there are no green leaves or buds on them at all, you might have scalped it and it will be very difficult to fill in. A juniper won't come back at all after this treatment.

If you are in northern areas with snow and frosts coming soon, your shrub should be trying to go dormant and hardening off for the season. Now is not the time to try to stimulate growth. Trimming it would have been better left for the spring.

If you are more southern with year round growing, you can just make sure it is watered and gets sun, maybe mulch with some compost for a feed. Basically it it can recover it will just be a matter of time and patience.
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Way too little info.
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Give it a year to see if new growth fills in.

Some species won't regrow. ONce I had a (scotch?) pine shrub that was getting too big and I picked (pinched) off all the new growth each spring and suddenly one spring it shed the remaining needles and died.

Some species (including blue spruces) will grow and grow no matter what you do. Experts recommend pruning just about six inches worth of outer branches but this just slows rather than stops the ever increasing size.

Eventually some evergreens get so large you have no choice but to cut them down and start over (perhaps with new small ones of the same kind).
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