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Is it too late to plant grass and roses?

A landscape company is finishing up installing a new paver patio for us. As part of the contract, they will seed any disturbed areas affected by the job and also plant some knockout roses. I live in central Ohio and it's starting to get cold. The high today was in the 40's. Is it OK to plant these items this late in the season? Will they survive the winter? Should I ask them to wait until spring to plant?

Thanks for any advice.
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Roses will be fine, the grass seed, not so much.
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Yes I agree. It is preferable to plant or transplant in the fall. The roots go dormant in the frozen ground anyway, but when the ground thaws they've got a good jump start before the gardening season begins.
The grass seed will not germinate if its too cold. Why don't you ask for sod instead, then you wont have a mucky mess to tolerate. Large sod pieces can be ripped to fit your need
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I mostly agree that fall is a great time to plant things but you are too late for lawn where you are now. And the contractor was probably just going to sucker punch you with an annual rye grass blend anyhow. Wait until spring.

I would wait until spring for the roses too. You are prone to ice and snow storms of some proportion where you are. You will loose some of even trimmed back roses if you get a nasty ice storm and just have to replace them in the spring anyhow.

If you do plant them, plan on wrapping them with some plastic if a nasty storm heads your way. And mulch the base of them.
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Everyone is correct about the grass seed. I live in Georgia and never seed past the 3rd week in September because even though it might be getting a little cooler, the temperature of the dirt is what germinates your seed and the ground is still warm enough up to about Oct 31st in zone 7.

As far as the roses, you can transplant them but be sure you mulch them heavily. I would not use the plastic for this reason: The plastic holds moisture which will freeze and anywhere the plastic touches the roses they will be damaged.

I would not sew but also see if he will sod for you. The roses are not too expensive as I found double knockout roses at KMart for 9.95 a few years ago and bough 10 of them and all did fine.

I just about 2 weeks had them moved out from my wooden privacy fence because I had them planted too close. The landscaper I use said they would be fine. We mulched very good.

Hope this helps

I do a lot of landscaping myself but am getting older (75) so I use the landscaper to dig the holes for me. We also planted 3 Otto Luyken Laurels at the same time we moved the roses and they also are doing fine. I lined the beds with rock that I got from the creek and mulched really good. I used this type rock lining for my flower/shrub island in front yard and also shrubbery down front and wrapping around side of my house and around my weeping cherries. Also did the same thing to all beds in my rear lawn.

Maybe next spring I will post some pictures.

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