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Surrounding kids play set quick question

I have a swing set that is in my yard i want to square it off with PT 4x4x8 and fill the inside with play yard mulch or regular mulch. My question is how can i set the 4x4x8s into the dirt i dont want them to be moved around. Any ideas?

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Dig out area for 4x4
tamp smooth and level
Drill hole, pound 12" galvanized steel spike or rebar through hole.
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What I did when I had to put landscaping timbers around the bottom of a fence of a rental (fence was old and had major gaps at the bottom) was drill a hole on either end of the timber at a slight angle so that the spikes would angle in towards each other. I made the holes just barely smaller than the spike (I also drilled a countersink hole so that the head of the spike would sit about an 1/8" below the top of the timber). Then I hammered the spike in driving it all the way in so that the spike was in the ground. Having the spikes angled in helped keep it from lifting up, moving sideways, or being pushed over when I was hammering staples in to hold the fence to the timbers. I drove by the house a year or so ago and they were still there after 10 yrs. With the length you have, maybe use four spikes per 4x4 (1 on ea. end and 2 closer to the middle). I will say that I did not have people walking on and kicking the landscaping timbers so I do not know how it would hold up to kid traffic. Hope this helps.
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That has to be one small swing set if you can do it with 8' long 4 X 4's.
Always better to go bigger.
Best way is to notch the 4 X 4's so they over lap at the corners.
That way they interlock and will not tip.
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