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Bill_in_PDX 06-16-2009 08:07 PM

Should I worry about drainage??
I'm currinetly redoing a part of my front yard. One section is 13'x16'. The house sits on one of the 16' sides with the driveway on the other 16' side. I will be adding 2 layers of landscape stone around the driveway perimeter to bring up the level for a rock garden/stream area. My concern is once it is built up abit, will the water run off towards the house be a issue?? I havent had any issues with water on the foundation before but I rather be safe than sorry now.

Would a simple trench with a layer of a creek bed be alright or should I go all out and put a french drain in??

Thanks ahead of time


Thalweg 06-16-2009 10:35 PM


Just adding rock won't necessarily cause water to flow in a different direction. However, there really isn't enough info here to make a proper assessment. Pictures would help. Issues that will matter are; size of rock, slope, soil texture (sand, silt, clay), and drainage options (where can the water go, which brings us back to slope).

Ultimately it comes down to "water flows downhill". If the house is downhill, that's where it's going. If your rock doesn't have a lot of void spaces, adding it could raise your elevation by the driveway enough to divert flow where you don't want it.

Bill_in_PDX 06-17-2009 05:37 AM

Thanks Thalweg..

I'll try to get a pic later today. The area was already humped in the middle...4" or so but was grass. The stone on the edge of the driveway will go up 6" and be backfilled behind it with gravel for drainage.



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