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Seymour SN-9 which position for beginner 24" blade

The SN-9 has apparently non-standard 3-hole position, so I guess I can mount as normal or with the tip tilted toward me or away from me. With no instructions I tilted it away (left hole) so as to catch more grass in one motion; it occurs to me this would also tend to clump grass and impede the shearing motion. Not sure if I'd get an improvement putting it into the standard (center hole) position.

Now this is looking like a "Try it and see; if you did that you'd A) learn the answer, and B) stop wasting my time" question, but there's more to it.

Plenty of Googling hasn't turned up any information on this. Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions, or ignoring the answers (should I grab one of the books or DVDs?). I'm not sure at this point. I could experiment, but lack of experience will make it hard to sort out rapidly-improving technique or sheer luck in suddenly doin'-it-right from correct adjustments. I mean sweet holy hell I have no idea what I'm doing and it still made short work of the mass of weeds that's been utterly killing my weed whacker. I cut down **** that shrugs off power tools. It's not going to be "not working" this way and "working" that way.

Can anyone explain what the advantages, disadvantages, and/or function of the three holes on the SN-9 would be?
If you can't explain why, then you don't know what you're talking about. I'll keep asking until I find someone who does.
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Had to look this one up since you did not give any more then a model number.
The holes are so people of different heights can adjust the angle of the blade for the best cutting angle.
Look at the bottom of this listing on the tool. There's some tips your going to need, like the bolts may be left hand thread.
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