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berger 05-06-2015 01:22 PM

Rocks and Pavers for Boat Parking Space
I have an area about 24'x20' on the side of my house that is both muddy and has a slight slope to it. I park my 16' fishing boat (it is not some huge boat, just a little aluminum boat, not too heavy) on the side of the house there. When it rains, it turns into a muddy mess, the front wheel on the trailer sinks in, and it is just a mess.

On one side of the area is a wooden fence separating our house from the neighbors. The other side is our house. There is a tree off to the side closest to the house, but there is plenty of room to put the boat back there.

There is probably an inch or two drop that goes from the cement driveway to the ground at the gate of the fence. The ground is not level and has a slope about 8" from the house to the fence.

Finally, we live in Louisiana off the lake and get a great deal of precipitation. I include that fact because I need to take drainage into consideration when working on this project.

That's about all the important details of the space I can think of. Now, on to my idea and questions.

What my idea is is to come up with some kind of edging to hold the rocks in. I am thinking I am going to have to use PT lumber just because I have the huge slope, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions on what I might use. I was going to take a piece of wood like a 2x4 and attach it to the bottom of the fence that separates the 2 yards so I can keep the rock from washing away into the neighbors yard. In the corner farthest from the house and the driveway, I need to figure out some way to keep the water draining but not enough space to let the rocks was out.

I am also trying to figure out if it is best to put sand under the rock and level out the whole area before laying the rock, and if so, will I need to worry about it washing away with a heavy rainstorm? I'm guessing fill sand is going to be a lot cheaper than rock when it comes to leveling it out and also will help hold everything in place.

I am hoping to find 12x12 or 16x16 pavers and space them out and then put rock in between the pavers. The ultimate goal is to do that out in the yard as well to make a fire pit/sitting area. I don't want to go too small of a rock so it doesn't wash away, but I don't want too big of a rock so you can walk on it barefoot.

Am I heading in the right direction? Anyone have any suggestions, comments, etc, they want to pass along? I am hoping to make this an attractive area instead of just a rock pad to park.

You know what would be cool? Oyster shells. Probably expensive as hell, but that would be cool being in the area.

Colbyt 05-06-2015 03:47 PM

Some of the 'greenest' auxiliary parking spots I've seen are the ones that use concrete blocks laid with the open side up (normal lay) and filled with dirt, sand or even gravel.

In your case multiple layers laid on a crushed rock base could raise the lower side and a single layer for the high side. If I needed to go more than 2 blocks high I would drive in a few T-posts to help stabilize it.

Twill be a bit more work than the PT lumber but it will last a lot longer.

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