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paver edging installation

Hi all,
I am building a brick paver patio and have been told that the edging should be hammered directly into the gravel base (as opposed to directly into the sand and then through the gravel base). Then add the sand and then the paver. The issue I have is the paver "edge" is only a couple of inches high and if I put it flat on the gravel, then add 1-1.5 inches of sand, it would only be restricting the movement of the sand and hardly restricting the paver itself. Is it okay to lay the sand, then put the edging on top of the sand and hammer the stakes through the sand into the gravel base, so that most of the entire edge is flush with the paver.

Thanks for the help!
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There are at least a few people here with a lot more experience in this area, but I have done some, and my 2 cents worth is that I would nail the edging directly to the base, not on top of the sand. The way that I see it, not having the sand contained will allow it to migrate out, thereby allowing the pavers to settle along the edge. Also, again, based on only limited experience, 1" of sand is plenty, in which case you immediately pick up another 1/2" of contact between the edging and the pavers. And the edging does not need to go to the top of the pavers, in fact you do not want it visible, in my opinion.
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Spike the edging into the compacted base that has a slope that mirrors and is parallel to the desired finished paver surface. You must adjust the compacted base to give you the desired drainage and then use a uniform 1" sand setting bed.

The 2" high edging seems a little low and unusual. Most edging is about the height of the pavers (60mm, 80 mm or 100 mm depending on use) plus the 1"sand bed and can even have projections on the outside of lips to hold the spikes and keep the head of the spike slightly below the soil level outside of the pavers. From a practical standpoint, after a month or so, the grass will fill in and cover the edging top and any spike heads. The edgers also are used as guides to screed off the sand bed,

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