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Moving bushes, arborvitae growth rate

I've got several arborvitae along with two (hard to see from pic, but there are two next to each other) euonymus shrubs on the edge of my backyard. I'd like to have all arborvitae here. But I don't want to lose too much of the privacy screen effect.

So I'm thinking I could pull the smaller euonymus shrub and move this arborvitae (either the one on the left or the right) into its place. These arborvitae are currently in the shade of a spruce, so growth is stunted. I assume if I move it to where it will receive much more sunlight, its growth will be jump-started? Or is there a finite growth phase for arborvitae, and once that passes, the bush cannot grow taller even under good conditions?

As far as moving, is it just a matter of digging out the bulk of the root structure and transplanting to new location?

So the plan would be replace the smaller euonymus with an arborvitae, then give that a season or two to grow tall enough to provide a little privacy screen, then pull the larger euonymus and transplant another arborvitae there.

As for the smaller euonymus, I'm thinking I'd move that here, where I have a number of euonymus along a different border and where there is a gap I'd like to fill with that pulled euonymus.

Does all this sound like it would work, or are there flaws in this plan (I'm not knowledgeable about gardening/landscaping, so I could be overlooking something)?
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Re: Moving bushes, arborvitae growth rate


@jbrah , this is a good question, and I think the most important part of the equation is whether, in fact, established arborvitae can be moved successfully. It appears that the answer is yes, and that the best time to do it, counterintuitively, is in the fall instead of spring.

Though I'm in California now, I lived in northeastern Ohio for many years before coming out here, so I'm somewhat familiar with the conditions and issues you face where you are.

If you're not in a huge hurry it's certainly worth a try, particularly since you won't have to move them very far.

If you're really worried about maintaining the screen, maybe a better solution might be to cut out the Euonymus and plant some relatively large a-vitae you bought somewhere.

This might be a safer, if more expensive solution, as well as easier on Mr. or Madame Spinal column. Even if they're smaller, large plants will fill in and avoid problems with die-back (or flat out death) you might have with moving the ones you have.

All that said, if someone here has some more specific ideas, I'm curious too.

Whatever you do, tell us, show us and let us know how this goes.
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Re: Moving bushes, arborvitae growth rate

Leave everything alone and buy another euonymus to fill in the gap.
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