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What is a good way to get rid of moles- they have created lots of holes in front lawn. We have tried some commercial products but they keep coming bac.
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FranL welcome to the best darn DIY'r site on the web.

First you have to remove the food source (grubs usually) and then they may relocate on their own.

I have used spring traps with success, or you could hire Bill Murray...

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Problem with moles is, you don't know you have them until you see the damages. I use "Revenge" mole killer, but again, you need to see their tunnel damage, open a hole and dump some in. Others swear by Juicy Fruit or bubble gum. I guess they can't poop it out so they what, explode?

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Moles don't just eat grubs, they love worms too. If you kill all the beneficial critters in your yard to try to starve them then you have other problems with soil health.

I have trapped over 50 moles the past 2.5 years on my 5 acre property using Trapline traps. Once you learn how to set them they are incredibily effective. The spear type spring traps are not even close, nor are scissor traps. I have literally tried all the chemicals, traps etc on the market....the Trapline are awesome, I bought several sets on Ebay.

Ocasionally I get a new one popping up in the yard now and in 1 or 2 days I take them down. I've pretty much killed them off in my area for now, including the ones that were moving in from the neighbors yards. Good luck.
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I bought a "kit" that goes over the exhaust pipe of my Jeep, and you screw a garden hose onto it. Dig a little hole in one of their tunnels, insert hose, and let the exhaust do its work.

It has not been 100% effective, but has worked as well as anything else I've used.
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Are you sure you have moles, you said you have holes moles usuallly have dirt mounds. Try this site to identify I have used their mole traps with much sucess, I would suggest buying 4 traps.

Sorry didn't see Done That's post.

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I'd recommend the Rodenator, except it sounds like you actually care what your lawn looks like.

Probably not suitable for urban or suburban applications unless you really don't like your neighbors.
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