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Laying SOD

The construction company said they will be installing SOD, (Tall Fescue). From research I have done this is a coarse and hardy grass usually in pastures. I have a single family residence. What other type of seed can I throw down to make the lawn a little more softer or do I really need to. I have never worked with Fescue before so therefore I might be just spinning my wheels over nothing. Anyone ever work with this type of grass before? Any tips or suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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I have had a lawn done in a hybrid fescue and it was great as far as not needing water in the summer, very deep root system, doesn't spread quickly so trimming edges less frequently, very hardy grass.

In the spring was able to cut it very short, but like all grasses except turf grass its best kept between 3 & 3.5" tall.

It doesn't green up in the spring as quickly as other strains of grass either.

When its all said and done there is usually more said than done
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Where are you located? Down here we can't use fescue. Wish I could.
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Where are you located?
Ayuh,... Way up north here just past civilation, in the Fly-over country,...
If ya can git a lawnmower over it, 'n it looks Green the next day,..
That's yer Lawn...

I overseed my "Grass" with White Clover a time or 2 a year,...
It don't grow very high when not mowed often enough, 'n helps keep the Weeds from takin' off....
'course, it dumps a Bunch of nitrogen into the soils too....

A bare spot gets a handful of Quick Green, contractor mix,....
Then Clover,...
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D.Rich, What area are you in. Makes a difference. I've graded and planted around 15 yards with my trusty 32 horse Ford 2810. In the Southeast if we are laying SOD we buy Centipede of Bermuda. I've never heard of "Fescue sod" We can buy fescue seed. What ever you do don't allow any Bahia to reach your soil Stuff is almost impossible to mow.
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Tall Fescue sod is available here, and I actually prefer it to Bluegrass. The Fescue holds up better to foot traffic, requires less water, and is also more shade tolerant than Bluegrass. These grasses are 'cool season' grasses so you don't see them in the south. Likewise, Bermuda and Centipede are 'warm season' grasses that are not used in the north.
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