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thanks man that was helpful.

While looking through the page I tend to ask myself. . . . why do us Americans have to be different and not use the metric system. I know the conversion rates, but seriously.
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well this was awhiel ago u guys were talking about it but for side walks and back patio id say u want atleast 3"stone base(5/8 traffic bond) 4" would be better because i doubt you guys are going to be using ultra base, it cost about a 1$ a sqft at 3" and it no one really use's it for interlocking brick only the one company i used to work for it allows drainage and it get stiff like concrete u order it from a concrete plant( lafarge ) is the only one i know of that sells it 3" of that is like putting down a 10" stone base we would use it in everything driveways patios an sidewalks. without it your interlocking brick will eventually no matter what u do will become un level in one spot or another and need to be fixed, driveways tend to get tire rutt's and this prevents it big time. im talking about a 10year time frame before u notice this shifting. if it was at my house be placing concrete, but the interlocking brick u want atleast 3-4" stone base traffic bond needs be compacted at 3" and then again after the extra inch if u go 4. then u would want 2" of HPB we dont use sand anymore you could use 1" of HBP but for and extra inch it dsnt cost that much more you place your brick on that HPB and use polymeric sand fill in all the cracks pack put more sand and sweep it pretty nice and blow any sand sitting on top left on the bricks this is important because u dont want any sand anywhere but in the cracks, becarefull not to blow alot of the sand out from in between the bricks and spray with water lightly once wait about 20mins when its dry and give it another light spray and you set. the sand will turn rock hard like concrete you get no weeds and lesser chance of bricks separating looking at around 20$ a bag for the sand (HPB) is a high performance Bedding you could us 1/4 clear they look almost the same but cost less only recommend the 1/4 if u can get ahold of lafarge and use ultra base. note if using ultra base and ur using thin stones under 2.5" thick a rubber mat under ur tamper whiel u compact is needed so the bricks wont crack. EXP 2yrs of interlocking 6 as a Concrete finisher.
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zol Ca -

Those suggestions could work for a patio in a mild climate. They would not be acceptable for a driveway, street or a major 40 acres industrial installation, so I would hate to see people get misled on something more important.

On these installation polymeric sand is not used and setting bed is 1" of concrete sand and the joint and surface applied sand is a fine sand (commonly mason sand). All of this is listed in the technical notes of the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute ( that also in the North American group that certifies installers. All of the major CA paver producers are member and probably give you some assistance.

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