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tgomar 02-04-2009 10:14 AM

does anyone know how to replace toro 924 snowblower shear pin?
i have a 6 year old toro 924 powershift snowblower that has a broken shear pin. toro claims the gear case is so strong it does not need shear pins, which is obviously a crock of shaz. anyway, the problem is that they use a threaded shear pin and it has broken off flush with the shaft and i am having a heck of a time trying to get it out. i have broken 3 drill bits trying to drill a pilot hole for my screw extractor bit and it is getting very frustrating. i ordered a new shear pin from the local dealer, but they dont stock them as they claim they have never had to order one for this model yet....which is hard to beleive. so i obviously need to remoev the old one before i can install the new one.

Anyway, any suggestions will be appreciated.

47_47 02-04-2009 11:31 AM

Try a cobalt left twisted drill bit and run your drill in reverse.

Added: Is there any thread locking compound on the shear pin? You may have to heat it first, to break the bond.

tgomar 02-05-2009 05:13 AM

i have broken 3 cobalt bits already trying to remove, but heat is the next thing to try

47_47 02-05-2009 07:02 AM

:eek: Wow that must be one hard shear pin. Usually once the clamping action of the head/shoulder of the bolt is removed, the remaining threaded portion comes right out with a left bit. I'd get an exploded view or look in a repair manual to see if any other steps need to be done. You do not want to cause more damage.

tgomar 03-23-2009 01:53 PM

shear pin replaced
Well, i finally got the shear pin replaced and it was really quite easy after i found out how to actually do it.

The shear pin was not actually threaded, so i simply had to give it a good whack with a nail punch and it came out. i guess i read some bad info that stated that the shear pin was threaded all the way through, but that was not the case when i actually received the new replacement pins/bolts.

i dont know why toro has to make such a big deal about their transmission being so strong that shear pins are not required. The owners manual basically has no info on how to replace them and there is no part numbers listed for them anywhere that i can see. In fact the dealer almost ordered the wrong part due to the confusion as toro doesnt actually call them shear bolts/pins!

Anyway, toro makes a tough machine! Looks like i'll have this thing for quite a while longer........

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