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the picture says it is no longer available but as an avid waterfowl hunter I say duck pond.
The only problem I see with hand digging is it probably will grow right back. I wish I could see the picture. But what have you to lose other than time. Besides you will get some great exercise.
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Angro, if 1/3 of the swamp is on your neighbors property and you dig a pond on your part it may dry up your neighbors swamp. That may make him happy or upset. It would be best to find out which before you start. For the same reason make sure you won't upset the authorities that protect wetlands (which includes swamps).

If the swamp reflects the level of the groundwater then you won't need a pond liner it would just block the flow of water into the pond from the ground.

Matt, if it never dries up then there is some level of spring/groundwater keeping it wet unless you have a leaky water main. If its surface water draining there that should be visually obvious.
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I have an similiar situation. I have maybe 50feet by 400 feet of swamp. that is clay and cattails. only one small portion is continous class 4 or whatever officail wetlands. Thezoning people in my town call my duck pond a duck PUDDLE. pond would be great but........ anyway I use a potato hook or fork. I trenched the upstream part to channel the water to flow where I wanted the puddle to be. THen I forked out the puddle. dam should be 3 foot wide for every foot of hieght. I added lots of sticks and branches and hay then topped it off with the clay I forked on it as I added all kids of seed.

You'llneed a settleing hole upstream that will have to get dugout periodically it all the clay will fillin your puddle.

WIth ducks you NEED the water to be running or it'll get full of poop and whatever else they drag in and they will get sick as well as it stinking.

The ducks will eat all the mosquitoe larvae and plants that are in the puddle.

The puddle I dug was maybe 10 feet by 5 feet.
Saldy is is fillied in because I didn't make the setttling hole right.

So now I am going to move it but we haven't gotten enough rain to keep it flowing. Never been this dry in Vermotn before.... So I'll rechannel and re dig and next spring it'll fill in and flow iwht the snow melt and teh ducks will be happy. RIght now I have stock tanks I empty every day.

With ponds come predators. I had a juvelnile Great Blue HEron stop and try to eat soem ducklings.......
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