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xclaim 05-09-2015 05:57 PM

convert manual into auto sprinkler system
trying to install a automatic timer to an existing water sprinkler system ... here's what i have - i have to manually turn the red handle every-time

is it possible to add something like this to my setup -

i want to be able to sprinkle from 6-7 am every morning and off-course don't want it to come on if its raining.

i have one zone - i.e 1 valve connecting 6 sprinklers.

any ideas/ suggestions

thanks much

nap 05-09-2015 06:12 PM

from Rainbird:

there are other companies out there with similar systems.

as to it not running in the rain; in itself that sounds sensible but in reality the fact it is raining does not really mean much. There is no way to know if there will be enough rainfall to add an adequate amount of moisture to the ground. The moisture sensor will turn off the sprinkler (if it is running) and the rain does add enough water for the moisture level to be adequate. That means it will leave the sprinkler running if the moisture level is low enough to continue to need water.

but if you want to get really complicated you can include a sensor that would prevent it from running if there is actual rain falling at the time it is scheduled to run.

djlandkpl 05-09-2015 07:41 PM

You can add a controller to do what you are asking. You will need to buy a controller like the one you posted from HD. I prefer Rainbird then Hunter. You will also need to cut the sprinkler line and add a valve. The valve is 24v and you will need to run low voltage wire from the valve to the controller. It's not hard but you will have to do some digging for the valve and the wire.

There are rain sensors available to shut down your system. However it doesn't shut down the system immediately. A certain amount of rain has to fall before it shuts down the system. It's adjustable. Conversely, the sensor has to dry out before it turns your system back on. The sensor is basically a stack of some absorbent cork like material that swells when wet. When the stack swells enough, it activates a switch which breaks the circuit to the sprinkler valves.

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