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Always shut off fuel shutoff valve?

I have various mowers/blowers/etc., some which have fuel shutoff valves. Do you shut off this valve after each use? I usually shut it off BEFORE turning the mower off so that any excess gas in the carb gets burned off and doesn't gum up the carb. It makes logical sense in my head to do this, but is this proper/standard procedure, or is this overkill? What do you do?
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Never have (and I've been around for 70+ years). At the end of the season, I drain the tank and then run the engine dry.

But certainly what you are doing doesn't hurt it.
My electrical answers are based on 2014 NEC, you may have local amendments.

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No need to do it after every use.

After the last usage of the season, shut off the valve and then run the engine until it goes off. It does help to burn off as much remaining gas in the carburetor as possible before long term storage.

Finally suck out the remaining gas from the gas tank or pour in some Sta-Bil or similar gasoline preservative.
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I'd check the instructions and do what's suggested.
It's also insurance if the bowl float sticks down and gas continues to fill and overflow the carburetor and spill on the floor.
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