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Whether to install louvers in closet doors_better circulation

Not sure of the best forum for this. Mods - move it if need to.
Anyone had experience on clothes closets - adding grills to solid closet doors, to improve circulation? Or switching solid doors to full length louvered ones?

We're in the deep, humid south.
Sometimes, it's not hot enough for AC to run - a lot - to dehumidify as much as needed. At times, we've had minor mildew issues in mainly one closet - even using Damp Rid.

Under best of conditions, the AC still doesn't draw / circulate air from the closets. Leaving closet doors partly open seems like it'd let in dust. Our allergies couldn't take much dust / dust mites on clothes.

To improve circulation, thought of installing some sort of louvered grills in the closet doors (they're flat slab, hollow core 2-0 x 6-8). Probably ? near door bottoms.

Installing louvers / grills in the closet wall - above the doors, or in section of wall separating the 2 doors - is a possibility.

Closet is ~ 8 ft long x 2 ft deep (not walk-in) with 2 doors;
There's 2 ft of finished, sheet rock wall, separating the 2 doors.

1. Not sure if adding louvers in the doors would actually improve closet air circulation (and lower humidity), or if they'd let in dust.

2. I've seen full length louvered doors used on bedroom closets - both single & bi-fold. I could do that - still don't know if they tend to let in significant dust.

3. My guess - running a room dehumidifier still won't pull air from the closets, w/o leaving doors open or adding grills or replacing solid doors w/ louver doors.
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I'd install cold air louvers above the doors or in that 2' space between the doors. Keep the louvers above eye level and aim the cutouts up.

You seem to be overly concerned about dust. Is your house that dusty? Do you use good air filters? I would think the more air movement you provide, the less dust, not more.

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Far simpler to just use louvered doors.
I'm also not getting the worry's about the dust.
I life on a corner lot with gravel roads and have all louved doors on the closets and never has dust been an issue.
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Thanks 2 both.
Is our house dusty? Well, yes.
Not like the Adams Family or The Munsters, but dusty enough.
Yes, we use quite high efficiency central air filters. May go higher.

Not much dust on the registers / vents - blowing into rooms. Not much gets to the air handler blower. Inside the return air chase is quite clean.

But dust shows up on most everything, shortly after dusting / vacuuming (w/ HEPA vacuum). We don't have carpet - all laminate flooring or porcelain tile. Have 1 indoor cat.
Dust every where doesn't seem uncommon in most houses here, unless have maids cleaning everything, about every week.

JazMan - you meant point the louver (grill) openings upward, not downward (not like slat openings on normal louver doors point downward)? What's the thought on pointing them up? To let moisture escape (rise) from the closet easier?

Joecaption - it's reassuring that dust isn't an issue w/ your louvered doors. Louvered doors would give more vent area than most other options.

If dust getting in closets became an issue, I toyed w/ the idea of adding some filter material - maybe like that for window AC units, or something (hidden from view).
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