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Remodeling a bar: PART ONE

Hello all,

I'm very new to the world of tools, so be easy on me! I have just become fascinated by what people can accomplish with tools and know-how. I feel so inferior and helpless We have a family bar that is in need of many repairs. I've decided to just go haywire and ask you all a ton of questions. I'll be photographing the bar/restaurant and hopefully some of you will chime in with ideas/suggestions, etc. So here goes...

A) Here is a view from the kitchen. You'll notice the old, greasy wooden cabinet doors, many of which need magnets replaced so they will actually stay shut. I have considered painting these cabinets and replacing the hinges/handles. If I were to paint these, what type of paint would I use? I would want something durable that can be cleaned because they will get dirty! Also, would I be correct in saying all I would have to do is clean them, sand them, re-clean to remove dust, prime, then paint (or prime and paint in one step with a combo primer/paint)?

B) We have some wires traveling about the doorway here. It is being held by something I am unsure the name of; it looks like a thin nail with a plastic piece which holds onto the wire when nailed in. It looks like a sloppy job. Any ideas on how to make this less of an eyesore? *BONUS question: what is the yellow wall paneling called? I hate it (the color is ugly and falling off in many places).

C) On the outside of the building there are some cracks in the brickwork. Seems like something should be done here. Thoughts?

D) Our railing outside is in need of replacement. I soooo wish I was a handyman so I could do this myself. Is this something a professional would be doing? What is required of it? From my limited reading so far it seems like a hammer drill or impact drill (I don't know the difference) with the appropriate bit would be used to drill a hole in the stairway (concrete) for the rail to fit in, as well as in the brick and mortar pillar the rail fits into on the right side of the photo. Looks like some sort of bracket helps secure the bases of the railing in as well. Thoughts?

And to show my appreciation, I wanted to share a before and after shot of some cabinets I have repainted and brickwork repaired...all of which I was helped with from those of you on DIY chatroom (maybe nothing to you but it is such an improvement):



*Thanks for any responses. Please inform me if this lengthy post, ridden with photos, is in any way a violation of forum rules (i.e. too many photos, pictures too large, etc). If I am okay, I would like to make more posts in the very near future (very near!) asking for more help. The place needs a bunch of work!
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De-grease sand and paint cabinets. Take off a hinge & pull and take them to a box store for direct replacement. (you will need a screw driver for this)

The wire looks like a phone wire. the phone jack does not have a phone on it. If you done use it get rid of it completely. ( low voltage no danger)

Yellow board is FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panel)

exterior can be chipped out and re filled with mortar but it will probably re-crack as that is the building heaving. a color silicone calk would prevent water infiltration.

The railing must meet you local building codes. Since it is a commercial establishment you might have to be licensed. call you local inspector.

Good luck1
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Hi jmiza, it's always fun to do the work yourself and you get to learn at the same time. The cracks on yor wall are a bit odd since they start in the middle of the building so if you are in luck, the cracks are not deep and will stay as is and you can fix it up with a quick patch. If you are unlucky, you will have to call in a professional as it could be a foundation problem or a bend in the foundation and if it gets worst overtime you will need to call in someone.
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