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this question is for both gender

I'm about to purchase two new toilets, I will install these my self.
I have a question for both genders. while studying the many types out there
I see some are higher maybe 4 inches but the main thing that i question
Is there are round bowels and elongated
I have no preference But what would be the most liked
I know this sounds stupid but there must be a reason for a company to
go through the trouble to design these styles
so Ladies make a vote gentlemen you too ?

Thanks I will check back when I get home Sunday


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For height? Most want the tall ones---

Men prefer the elongated---
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TMI ALERT!! I will try to be graphic enough without being crass, but some people may prefer to not read the following.

Both sexes tend to find elongated more comfortable than round. Gentlemen especially prefer elongated when seated because the dangly bits don't contact cold porcelain. Also, cleaning the poterior area is easier with elongated, especially those on the larger size.

Taller is just plain more comfortable on the knees for us older folks. However, there have been some studies that suggest that elimination becomes more difficult at the higher more upright position. That can lead to straining that can lead to health issues. The lower more natural squatting angle that one practices while camping or using a European hole in the floor type toilet can be simulated with the aid of a small step stool like your kids may need to reach the lav to brush their teeth. That is, if you find that you have issues with the higher toilet height.

I personally chose to put in elongated comfort height toilets in my home and haven't regretted it at all. Especially after that little bit of abdominal surgery that I had. You don't realize how much you use those muscles for balance to sit util they are compromised.
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jwedel (01-23-2014)
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The taller toilet may be a better option for disabled or older people who have less strength in their legs. It takes less effort to stand up from a taller toilet. And, less effort to sit down on one.

Elongated gets my vote.

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A little plumbing code (UPC) info related to this and why the selections are available:

Elongated bowls are required for commercial buildings
Open front seats are required for commercial buildings
Toilet is to be white in commercial buildings
ADA compliant("comfort height" is a consumer friendly name) toilet is 17" high, standard toilet is 15" (add seat dimension to both)

The ADA toilet height has been around a long time. The manufactures have discovered that homeowners like them too
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gma2rjc (01-24-2014)
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Elongated is the way to go for both sexes. It isn't easy to keep from touching the front with a standard size for men.

As for the height, taller is better. No need to worry about kids. They are like monkeys.

I think the open lids would be good on residential toilets too. They will stay cleaner and should last forever.
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also dont forget the "elbow rule" when locating the toilt if its a new rough in.. the biggest complaint i hear from people is that the toilet is too close to the wall or vanity so when they reach for the paper they smack their elbow
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oh'mike (01-24-2014)
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Well I will be the voice of dissent and say that I don't find "comfort height" toilets to be comfortable at all. At 5'2 I can't quite put my feet flat on the floor with a regular toilet; with the taller ones I'm perched on my tip toes and the edge of the seat digs into my thighs. I purposely purchased standard-height toilets for my house for this reason. So it's really a question of who's going to use them the most and what those people prefer, not what the general public thinks... the general public doesn't live in your house.
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jmon (01-27-2014)
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As a dude, I prefer elongated definitely. As stated before, it allows the "dangly bits" more room and also less....ummm...."backsplash" when sitting.

And it's not just an adult preference - an elongated bowl has a bigger opening so less chances of a kid in potty training missing when they pee!
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Also wanted to add that I purchased a "lift-off" toilet seat two years ago and I think it's great. It's a toilet seat that easily snaps off for cleaning, but when it's attached it's not loose or wobbly at all. Easy to install and makes cleaning MUCH easier.
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