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Proper Electrical Rough In

I am roughing in some electrical 1 gang outlets using 12x2 cable.

My question is: do the outlets all need to be daisy chained 1 after the other in a serial fashion, or is it possible to power two outlets going in different directions from one master outlet?

So do I need to cable all the way to the far outlet, then loop the cable back all the way to the next outlet, or can I use a 1 gang outlet almost like a breaker box to push it in a different direction without doing the large loop?

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You do not wire outlets in Serial wiring, by connecting incoming to one set of screws, and outgoing to the other. They are usually wired in Parallel, by using Pigtails, not by using the outlet for pass through. Of course in most jobs, you tend to find them backstabber or as Pass through, with no pigtails attached to the outlet,

That way, if one outlet stops working, you do not lose the rest downstream. Of course, with GFCI, AFCI Surge protection outlets, you have to wire Line in on one set of screw's, Load on the other, if you wish to protect everything downstream of that outlet.

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I would suggest you hire a licensed electrician and have an inspection done. Not only for safety reason but it will save a lot of time and money if you mess something up. I would hate to see you do all your wiring, get everything finished and nothing works. Then you have to take everything apart and do it again. At least get an electrician to do the rough in and you do the finish work (lights, rec, switches, etc) yourself. If it's a small basement, they can do it in a few hours and you can watch and learn. Inspections are the law where I'm from and fines a not worth it. You can do it yourself as a homeowner as long as you get an inspection. Books can help, but make sure they are up to date on all the current codes (no pun intended)
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There are two different ways outlets are normally connected, as indicated in previous posts. Many outlets are designed with two sets of screws. One set is the line side, which is the power side ("upstream") side, and the other set is the load side, which feeds the next receptacle "downstream". GFI receptacles are often used this way, since by putting the GFI receptacle as the first receptacle in line, all the downstream receptacles are GFI protected. Line and load terminals are normally marked right on the breaker.

The other way to wire is by using pigtails, in which case you do not use the load side terminals. As noted by a previous post, this has the advantage that if you lose the hot or neutral to one receptacle, it has no affect on downstream receptacles.

So far as I know, either method is perfectly acceptable according to NEC, but of course you will be discussing this with the electrical inspector in your Town before you do the wiring, since the AHJ has the ultimate say in wiring procedures. Local jurisdictions are free to adopt local code variations, and the local AHJ may have a preference for one method over another.
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