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sitdykova 04-12-2013 01:41 PM

Need Ceiling Tray help!
Hi, I need an advice on the building/electrical code for my tray ceiling project.
I am quite new to DIY, but I've got great imagination and look thru beautiful pictures online, so, I'm trying to implement some of my ideas. I've got a condo on the last (4th floor) in Los Angeles, California with very high ceiling (9' or 10').
I am not raised in the US, so, I am not aware of all legal implications of my projects.
So, for my 3-year old son, I've decided to modify the simple ceiling by adding 12" (horizontal measurement of depth) by 7" (height) by 145" (the entire wall length) frame above his window, add drywall sheets (with screws every 6") and paint as the ceiling.
I have built the frame with two 2x4x142 to have it attached along the wall and where the curtain tracks will go and 2x2 at the edge (I could not get it as one piece 145", so, I had to add a couple small pieces of 2x4 to hold the pieces: I am not sure how to explain it, so, I'll take a picture and attach here when I get home), I nailed with 3" nails two pieces of 2x4x10" (it's short of 12" depth, because 2x2 at the edge runs for the full length 145") on both ends of 2 long pieces and nailed the edge to this with the same 3" nails. 2 nails broke, so, I tried 2.5" screw, but it broke too, so, I've got 1 nail for each piece. I was able to put in 2 nails on one side of the piece that is going to hold the curtain track. Is it necessary to have 2 nails for each piece?
In order to avoid bending of the middle 2x4 and the edge 2x2, I'm going to use IKEA shelf holders upside down (attached to the ceiling studs every 12" or so). They are exactly 7".
I'd like to add Ikea Kvartal tracks to hold room darkening curtains in the middle and some led lights closer to the outside edge (there is no ceiling lights in this room at all, so, I'd like to make a few round LED lights to provide main lighting for this room).

So, I worry, if I am going to violate any building/electrical code requirements in this project and if it's going to be safe to have this frame up there.

oh'mike 04-12-2013 04:40 PM

What you are doing is decorative and does not modify any structure--so you should be fine.

Your light wiring must be done to local code----low voltage may be exempt from most codes---but 110 v. must follow code---

A separate thread in the electrical section will get you the best answers about your wiring---Mike----

user1007 04-13-2013 10:17 AM

If ever in doubt, call an electrician. Money well spent in the long run. Code may require you have one depending on the wiring you are doing---even if you can DIY.

Sir MixAlot 04-13-2013 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by sitdykova (Post 1157756)
(attached to the ceiling studs every 12" or so)

Are you sure the ceiling is wood frame?
Most of the condo ceilings around here are concrete. :yes:

Deja-vue 04-17-2013 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by Sir MixAlot (Post 1158341)
Are you sure the ceiling is wood frame?
Most of the condo ceilings around here are concrete. :yes:

SirMix, these Ceilings here in LA are usually Plaster on older Buildings (pre-60's) and Drywall on the newer ones.

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