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Kitchen Cabs

Hi everyone. I had a question regarding my kitchen.

I'm trying to get my kitchen updated a bit, more specifically the cabinets. I've priced out a few options and unfortunately I'm realizing really quick the money just isn't there.

The cabinets I have are decent, but some need to be replaced. And I need to add about 6 feet of base cabinets to finish it off. Looking on craigslist I have found many ads from people selling their old cabinets due to a remodel. Some are actually in great shape. Is is possible to mix and match cabinets and just replace the fronts?? More specifically base cabinets. For about $500 bucks I can get all the cabinets I need. My plan was to replace all the fronts, paint, and replace hardware so everything is uniform from the outside. In theory, the frames should be the same dimensions right??

This is an older house, 3 bed 1 bath. I plan to hopefully rent it, or at the very least sell it at some point down the road. The buyer will most likely be someone like myself a first timer, or a small family. I'm not too concerned with having a custom high end kitchen.

Any advice or insight appreciated.

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That is just what we finished doing. At our house our cabinets are 24" deep standard cabinets that were built in the 50's. Thankfully they were in immaculate condition with the exception of one. We went to our local home improvement store and bought standard in stock cabinets. My husband did measure everything three times though.

We even found a company in our area that sells re-used cabinet fronts or if they do not have the size, they will custom make them for you. It was a old building that I would pass everyday and not think twice about.

My point, triple measure everything and check your area there may be a place like that around you. If not how is your carpentry skills? You could make simple cabinets doors using good wood and 1 X 1's stripped down to 1/2", put those around the edges and voila. Good luck.
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By fronts do you mean the doors or the face frames?
If it's the frames forget it. There going to be glued.
Post a picture of the cabinets you have now.
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If there's one near you, check out a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Many of them have new cabinets donated by local businesses, and gently used ones from remodels. We bought a brand new 4-foot base cabinet for $60.
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Yep, I use a lot of local cabinets that come from donation
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I have taken the fronts off cabinets that were glued, it was not easy but with some effort it can be done. I used a block of wood placed inside and knock the front off outward. You may have to sand or chisel some wood left behind but that is just the nature of the beast.

You can go to a cabinet supply company and buy cabinet front materials already ripped and you can buy the doors and drawer fronts the size you need. It isn't cheap but is cheaper than new cabinets.

Replacing the fronts is not a push over, it will take some work and skill.
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Euro style cabinets with no face trim are standard and can be mixed, but as Joe said, cabinets with face frame can't be reused. Removing the frame will destroy the edge, or has to be finished, but the frame is almost always glued, and you don't want to find this after having paid for it.

You may consider putting 2 or more cabinets on wheels as kind of moving island, which may be more acceptable as an addition.
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Your question was"should the frames be the same dimension,right". No. The only standards are the height and depth.After that it can all change.There are face frames from 1 1/4 to 2 1/2.Toe kicks are different heights.There are inset drawers and doors,3/8 overlay,3/4 overlay,full overlay,face mount hinges or concealed hinges.
The list goes on.
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