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Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home


I am looking for a designer/feedback to help me figure out what to do with my rooms in the home.

1. I have a split level home
2. Three bedrooms are upstairs, one of the bedrooms is SMALL, its 8'9" x 9 and I am at a absolute lost if i should breakdown that room and make my master bedroom bigger.
3. In the family room, i was planning on putting a day bed/pull out bed there and make it a guest room.
4. In the summer kitchen on the ground level (no stove), i ripped out all the old cabinets/sink and i am putting in a wet bar there and keeping the second refrigerator.
5. The basement is 100% unfinished right now and the wall that is shown in the floorplan was also ripped down because it was falling apart. I have a huge indoor oil tank there right now as well.

We have no kids right now but planning on having 2 children. IF i remove the small bedroom then i'd only have 2 bedrooms upstairs. That means i'd have only 1 room upstairs for the nursery and that would turn into the first kids bedroom, BUT if i get pregnant with a second kid they'd have to share the room upstairs. I wouldn't want to put either kid downstairs b/c it would be towards the BACK of the house and i'd have to go through 2 sets of stairs to get to the other kid. I really really want a bigger master bedroom, mainly for closet space but i don't know what to do.

IF i do knock down the wall, in the small bedroom i have a few issues i'd have to fix:
1. I have HVAC in my home, in the bedroom closet there is a vent running. So that will need to be re-routed somewhere
2. I have a attic but its small. The crawlspace is ALSO through the same closet
3. The 2 rooms have the SAME flooring, however in the small room the previous owners out the hardwood running vertical and in my master the floor is horizontal.

IS this too much work to resolve to get a bigger master?

Another option is to extend our home ABOVE the garage and make the master bigger on that end.

Here's a floorplan of my house. Please NOTE the levels are: main, second, ground, lower (basement)

If there are any designers, please let me know and i will contact you. Please see the floorplan of my home.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home

Knocking out the small bedroom will make your bedroom bigger,
however, does nothing to solve your problem. Your little bedroom
is still a bedroom and would be suitable for a nursery.
Frankly, it's doable as a small compact bedroom as well.

A three bedroom house is much more desirable than a two

I think you should leave it as is, and plan for a future master
bedroom over the garage -- if that is what you want.

I have to go back and look at your plan again...
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Re: Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home

Not a designer here, but I have a lot of experience building, maintaining, and as 26 years have passed now......buying and selling the 4 homes my wife and I renovated. I agree with TK here, two bedroom homes are not ideal for resale as they narrow the buyers market too much. Many mortgage companies are not real fond of them either for the same reason.

Knowing this is your first home, take a big breath before making any big decisions. My wife and I just moved from a multi-level home as yours just over 3 yeas ago now. It had almost the same size bedrooms on the upper level as your plan shows. We had done a LOT of renovations on it in our 7 years living in it, and made it a very nice home. As we had made the decision when we bought it as a poor conditioned foreclosure, that it would be our last home. But when I retired, we sold it to downsize to what is now really is our LAST home, because we are on fixed incomes now with NO options to move.

When our realtor start showing our tri-level, she left us the "feedback" surveys from people that were shown the house. Everyone loved it, but the negative comments were always the same. The bedrooms were too small and the closets were too small. Luckily, within 6 days of our home being on market, a bachelor with a lot of money paid us more than our asking price for our tri-level.

So with you just buying this house as your first home, some really important thoughts should be weighed out first. And here is what I would be thinking if it were my home. And the conclusions would be to stay put and do nothing and then just buy another larger home later. Or, renovate it, love it and stay a LONG time in it just so the equity could build for the $$$ invested in the upgrades. My thoughts follow...

1. With the costs of starting a family, and the "possibility" that once the first child is born, there may be only one income. As many women today are choosing to stay at home with their babies the first few years after the birth of their child. If this happens, will the monies available monthly be able to handle the added loan costs of a upgrade to our home ? (sorry, I am making assumptions here, you may be paying cash for upgrades, I don't know )

2. Knowing that losing a bedroom on the upper level is not a good idea to make the "master" larger, means major demo/construction work to be done by bumping out a space on the upper level or as mentioned... building out over the garage.

3. If the decision is made to invest anywhere from $25 to $90K + depending on the upgrade size and frills, will this result "overbuilding" the house for the neighborhood ? Will the house end up being the largest and most expensive home in the area ? And when its time to move, will one be able to sell the home and break even for the monies invested ? All because the homes around the upgraded home, may be selling in an "average" price range, way below what will be asked for the home upgraded.

4. One may be fighting the voice inside of them saying, " I don't care about what we spend on our home, I love it and we will never move anyway". DO NOT EVER listen to this voice of UN-reason, as it seldom works out this way. Over time people move on to better jobs, family situations change, health issues can arise that may make having stair steps a very bad situation. (one of the very reasons we sold our tri-level, I have bad knees now) And as many home owners do, they eventually tire of the home and would just like to live somewhere new to them.

So, if 1-4 is o.k. and one is ready to do a upgrade, here are my thoughts. Making just the master BR larger is nice, but will not solve the many issues coming in the future for this soon to be growing family. The one bathroom will soon be over run by too many users. The small bedrooms will soon be outgrown by the little people that get bigger. So if I were going to spend the $$$$ just to make a larger master, I would make it where the future livability of the home would be better.

If the money, back yard space, grade slope, deed restrictions, building codes/engineering, etc. would permit, I have idea of what I would do.

If the homes present state of build design permits, (roof lines, exterior wall locations etc) I would bump out the whole back of the upper level and kick a dormer roof over it the full length of the house. This would allow ALL the bedrooms to be made bigger and to get a master BR with good closets and its OWN bathroom. It could be set on steel beams and posts. It could be left open under it or even be used as screened in porch later or extra storage rooms.

My idea would be VERY $$$$$$ to do, so not a easy decision for anyone to make. Good Luck OP, on whatever you choose to do or not, with your first house as a new family. All JMO

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Re: Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home

Just my 2 cents,
you have 2 kitchens?
i would put stackable washer dryer in the small kitchen and then turn the laundry into the master. extend a wall out from laundry walk way and add a door to make a private master bath. keep whole up stairs untouched.
just my take
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Re: Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home

I would remove the wall and try to work new closet to hide the pipe or duct work you find. Before selling because you need more bedrooms You could look at a hallway taken from the big bedroom to a new bedroom over the garage or replacing the wall and making it back into a three bedrooms. A starter house is seldom the long term house and the second child will be 2 to 5 years away and the need for separate bedrooms is a few years after that.
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Re: Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home

Remodeling? You are in NY but you might want to consider help from home builder experts. They might be able to help you.
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Re: Home remodeling help needed, just bought first home

I don't think you should knock down the wall for the small bedroom. Three bedrooms is much more attractive to a home buyer than two. Also, if you want to have a family it gives you more space. I think as previously mentioned, your best choice would be to put a bedroom over the garage if you want more space. Best of luck in your new home!
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