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Help - shell to screen an open porch - Mobile Home

Hello Everybody,

I am Maney from Florida. This is my first post here!

This spring I have set out to screen my back porch and I need some ideas and guidance on this peculiar project.

I have attached some photos to give you an idea of what I am trying to do.

I have a wooden and detached open porch/deck on the back of my mobile home, where the living room glass sliding door leads to this open space.

The deck 12ft wide by 8 ft deep and already has 8 post/pillars that are about 4ft tall which I am planing on using for support of the shell.

My main question is, should I maintain the detach format of the current DECK and do not attached the shell/roof of the DECK to the house, or should I add a ledger to the exterior wall of the house to use as support for the roof ?

2. Should I just construct a simple frame made our of 1x2x8 and screw the shell to the current posts, or should I build columns of 2x4x8 to make a ridged support for the roof ?

What would be the best way to go about screening this porch ?

By the way, I will be using tightfit screening once I have the shell completed.

General View of the DECK.

How can I place a wood board that would seal against the plastic siding gaps ?

Should I be attaching a ledger board to the wall of the house ?
If so, what size of board and what is the best way to do this over the plastic siding ?
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Hi Maney
My name is Nigel I'm about to do the same thing to my home as you are to yours.My wife is going to take some pictures. of our place. I have some concerns about the strength of the eve structure. Behind the facsia board is a 1x6 pine board, the trusses that hang over the walls are only 2x2. I'm trying to find out if I put another board over the facsia,would it be strong enough to support the weight of the screen room roof. I have considered putting a 2x6 board over the top of the slider door. then hanging joists from it. it probably would work but the ceiling height seems to low.Let me know if you come up with anything
Thanks Nigel
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Your going to have a bunch of issue to address trying to add screen porch.
No you can not just add onto the post you have now. It works best to remove the deck board around the post, cut off the post below or at least even with the floor joist, then but the boards back.
The walls get built using pressure treated lummber with a double top plate.
The siding needs to be removed where the side walls go. The wall goes up, once it's plumbed and attached to the wall another 2 X 4 is added to spave it out enough for the screen moulding, then J moulding is used to trim it out.
It's never ok to attach any roof to a fashia. Not strong enough, will give you 0 slope to the roof.
The new roof needs to start up on top of the old roof. The closer to the peak the better.
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This is for Maney and Nigel, you don't want to use lumber for your screen room,it's far too heavy,use 2x2 aluminum tubing like they use for pool cages,and if you don't want a screen roof use an aluminum carport/ patio cover,you can pickup the patio cover at any mobile home parts store in your area,just google it,i'll attach a link to show you what it would look like.
The 2x2 aluminum tubing you can get at Lowes or Home Depot.
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Whether you use aluminum or wood for the posts, the important thing to remember is that you should NOT build on top of the existing posts, it won't be strong enough. I would keep the existing deck in place, dig footings for four new posts, and construct it as a free floating roof. I would not use a ledger board as it would definitely not be strong enough.

If you want to use aluminum, there are easy-to-install sunroom and solarium kits you can buy, and many are advertised online.
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