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Fixtures in Shower/Tub

Greetings all!

I'm working (slowly) on a bathroom and am trying to finish up the plumbing. I've got all the parts but one: the slide-bar and all the bits it's attached to. I'm looking for something in brushed nickel, Victorian in feel, and very long. I've not had any luck, but perhaps someone here knows a secret site that would be helpful.

As to the long part, I would like 36-42 inches. Yikes! I know, let's just see if I can make it any more difficult.

I thought I had a picture of the wall of fixtures, but apparently not, so here is a mock-up I did in Google Sketch Up. The fixtures in the mock-up are very modern in style, but that's because they were handy. I'll post the actual fixtures tomorrow. Anyway, here is the mock-up:

The tub/shower is very wide (40") and I didn't want to be leaning in so far to get to fixtures in the middle, so I put them on the side next to the door.


1) Are slide bars all the same thickness (i.e., can I put switch out the slide bar and put in a longer one if I can find it)?

2) Are there custom fixture makers?

3) Are the handheld "stems" all the same? Will the handheld holding part hold any make of handheld shower?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me,
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If it makes you feel any better......I totally understand what your talking about.

Good post and very concise.

We used to have one of those shower heads on the pole things....I ended up moving it to the inlaws when we redid our shower.

Slide bars....the one we had was not was oblong...almost flat. So, no, they are not all the same.

However....I don't think you are going to find a lot of differences in round ones. Tubes tend to come in standard diameters.

When ever possible, you want to avoid 'custom'.

If you think you have found a shower slider you it.....then take the SS rod that comes with it to a metal supply shop...I'm willing to bet you will be able to find some thing the same size without much trouble.

Having a rod from tub to 'almost' ceiling would be kind of nice.

Good Luck
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Bill Kearney
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Why do you want the bar to descend that low? If it's for using it while bathing, consider that most handshower vendors make a wall-mounted clip for just that sort of purpose.

Also factor where/how the hose is going to drape. It can be annoying over time to have the hose constantly getting in the way.

Good to see a lower control for the tub spout. But if you're going to use the handshower while bathing, how's that going to get controlled? When we set up our old bath (two rain heads, spout and handshower) I used a separate on-wall valve for the handshower bar. At the other end of the tub. This way the bar was lower, allowing for kids to shower, but the control was low allowing for a parent kneeling to operate it.

Hansgrohe's fixtures are terrific for this sort of setup. WELL worth the money.
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Each brand, and even within a brand, is different. Style and finish are not something you can mix and match, almost all building materials.

If you must have it, may be you can buy two and install as bottom and top.
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