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Did I need permits for this remodel

A couple of years ago I remodeled our kitchen and bath. This involved straightening out walls, installing tile, replacing cabinets and fixtures. I did not alter the electrical system (although I wish I had updated it) and I reused the old water valves and drains.
Would this have required any permits? I had an electrician who wanted to update the kitchen wiring, by adding a wire for the stove fan and an additional couple of sockets. If I had allowed him to do it, how long would the permit process have delayed the work (it took me forever to finish).
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Little late now to be asking.
All up to your local building dept. if you need a permit or not.
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Every area is different. Where I live, you do not need permits at all. Up the road in the next city, you need permits for everything.
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In my area, you can do whatever you want as long as you are not modifying a load bearing wall or the structure of the roof. No restrictions on plumbing or electrical. An addition to the footprint of an occupied building requires a permit as does a deck 30" or more above grade. New buildings that are occupied as dwellings or any building over 1000 square feet need zoning permits and building permits. Then all inspections are required, including electrical and plumbing. It's all in what your municipality requires.
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If you didn't open up any walls or modify any electrical or plumbing, then you should be ok...but then again, Fountain Valley might be one of 'those' cities.

One of your issues is going to be if you decide to sell and want to say you remodeled the kitchen....if the buyer is savvy...they go down to city hall to see if you pulled permits....if no permit...they use that fact as a bargaining point...or walk away....with you hoping they don't report it.

Believe it or not, it's ok to call your building and safety. Just ask them if you need permits as if your 'going' to do the work....don't say you already did.

As for permits.....if it's anything like my area....you walk in...maybe stand in line a few min....walk up to the guy....tell him you want to add some outlets...he says "Fill this out"...you fill it out...hand it to him....he goes to his computer...comes back a couple of min later and says "That will be $75" (or what ever their fee is)...you write a check...he hands you the permit and a sign off sheet...

When your done with the electrical work....you call them to schedule an inspection....if not the same day it's usually the next day....inspector comes to look at it...if no issues he signs off....have a nice day.

It's actually pretty painless.

I'm doing a whole 2-story addition to my house and I think my electrical permit costs was something like $180 total....I think all told....including plan check fee...I was around $2000.....and that is adding over 1000 sq feet to my house.
Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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I feel bad for some of you guys. You can't even fart without a permit.
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Farting is never permitted in our area.
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As noted, it depends on where you live. Simply call your local county office/building inspector to get a the information. The permits are to ensure you know what you are doing and, if the job is not done properly, insurance may become void in the event of a fire or other critical event.
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The electrical permit probably would have been over the counter
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before you fart in my area you need to be properly vented
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building septs always want permits for everything. I removed some old pot lights and put new low energy ones in and needed a permit... they want their $$
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