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Originally Posted by xD Lucas View Post
..... for such a small project
If you are planning on ripping it all out and starting over, working part time on it:

Day 1) - rip out existing, install cementboard
Day 2) - do joints on cementboard (too bad you couldn't squeeze that into day 1)
Day 3) - two coats of Red-Guard
Day 4) - Lay tile
Day 5) - Buy pieces you did not have and complete tile job. Wait for mortar to cure.
Day 6) - Apply grout, wait for it to dry
Day 7) - Apply sealer to grout, wait for it to cure
Day 8) - Take shower in your new shower

The pro wanted 3 days. Not sure if he was quoting replace all, or just minimum repair. Your first shower job is not going to happen in 2. First rule of DIY --- everything takes longer than you expect. But there is a big sense of satisfaction in saying you did it yourself.
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I've been there on the "no shower due to renovation I thought would take a few days and now its going on a month" department and it sounds like you're like me and consider showering daily to be just one of life's basics, so one suggestion I'd have there is asking if you have a gym membership and if so, just shower there. (unless its one of these strip mall gyms popping up these days that don't have a shower!)

I've been a workout guy since high school, so 20+ years now, but I admit the last 5 years or so I've been slacking (a lot!) with my workouts but have kept my membership going and that really came in handy when I was showerless for what ended up being about a month due to multiple unforeseen complications. (and really, whenever you remodel anything you can just expect that SOMETHING unforeseen will pop up, especially on older homes) Now, if you don't have a gym membership, assuming you live in at least a small metro area, you can probably sign up somewhere for not a whole lot of money and on a month to month contract, so if you're certain that you'd only be using the place to shower, you'd have to pay for at most, 2 months membership, or maybe if you told them you were cancelling the next day just a month, but the gym biz has changed a lot from the old days of yearly contracts and some chains have come in with some ridiculously low rates too. I've seen signs for a few here for $10 a month, not sure if they do month to month but I have a friend who goes to Anytime Fitness, which I think is a national chain and even though they often have the strip mall type locations, they do have at least bathrooms with showers in them and true to their name, you can literally go there ANYTIME and take your shower! Quite honestly, I doubt the franchise owner would mind at all even if you came right out and told them you just need a shower for a while, they'd gladly take the month or two of dues since the business model for many of them is to sign up as many members as possible and hope they DON'T show up very often, so some guy taking a daily shower and not hogging the treadmill is just fine with them!

I'd REALLY REALLY consider that option because I can tell you from lots of experience that you obviously want to get this done CORRECTLY since you're talking about a wet area and you DO NOT want to end up with a mold problem or any of the other many issues that can come from an improperly constructed shower area. When you limit yourself to two days, even if you're off of work, tell everyone you know to leave you alone for those two days, etc you're kind of painting yourself into a corner where if things don't go just right (as often happens) then you're stressed out to hell, maybe up till 3am doing whatever, trust me I've been there and it sucks!

As far as your caulk question, first off you can get sanded caulk in the tile dept of any HD, Lowes or tile shop and it comes in many colors matched to whatever brand of grout that store sells, like Lowes I think carries Mapei grout, so they'll have a selection of sanded caulk tubes matched to the Mapei grout colors and you want to use the caulk for sure in any spots where there might be ANY possible movement over time, like where the side and back walls come together in a shower or tub surround, etc. You could probably get away with using a regular silicone bathroom caulk too, but why do that when you can get the sanded, color matched caulk at the same place, they usually keep the sanded caulk in the tile dept, not the paint area like the rest of the caulk.

I'd still HIGHLY recommend, assuming your budget can cover it, to either now or fairly soon at most, rip that thing out and hire a TRUE TILE PRO to build it correctly for you! As I mentioned, I've done a LOT of rehabbing and a fair amount of tiling and even own a decent wet saw and all that's needed to tile just about any normal bathroom, yet I still leave the wet areas for sure and often the entire bathroom to a true pro. Tiling is not rocket science, but it really is a skill and when you're adding water to that mix, you open up a whole new can of worms if things aren't done just right! Good luck with it!
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