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Grommet 03-25-2008 01:36 AM

Carport to Garage: Fire barrier question
Hi all,
I have framed in and sheathed my 24 x 20 carport to make a garage. The carport has 5/8 sheet rock on the ceiling, the wall separating the carport from the house is currently sheathed with faux wood grain exterior hardboard panels of about 1/2" thickness (looks like thick masonite). First question is will I need to remove the hardboard panels and replace with sheetrock for the firebarrier( I live in Tempe, AZ)?

Also, the door leading from the carport into the house opens into the laundry room. On the interior of the common wall there is a two gang switch to the left of the door for lighting. Second question: Am I permitted to have a penetration in the fire barrier on the garage side for switch boxes at this location as well, or must I wire everything on the interior side, thus keeping the fire barrier intact?



kgphoto 03-27-2008 10:06 PM

Here you need permits and inspections for that type of work. How about your area?

Your door must be self closing, solid wood and weatherstripped on all four sides to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning of your household.

Yes you need to replace or cover over that paneliing. I would replace, as that would be a good time to upgrade any electrical, pluimbing or insulation in that wall.

Tight fitting holes for electrical boxes are fine. If there are gaps, then you need to seal with tumescent caulk or pads.

Grommet 03-28-2008 04:18 PM


I do have a permit pulled, and just couldn't remember what they had said about the panneling. As you suggested, I'll likely pull it off so that I can more easily access the interior of that wall for electrical. Technically, I think I'm also supposed to wall off the garage attic from the main house attic with drywall. I plan on having them out for the framing and electrical rough-in inspection pretty soon.


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