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Originally Posted by DangerMouse View Post
Actually, I was told it was likely sucking in AIR through the oil fill tube. (at the bottom where it connects to metal)

Whoever gave you that advice is clueless.
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Originally Posted by DexterII View Post
Gremlin, just a couple of tips, for future reference:
The WD in WD40 stands for water displacement or disbursement (.
The 40 is the 40th formula that they tried before they got what they wanted.
DO NOT try to run bolts down through the two holes on top to pull it,all you will do is bust the surface the bearing sits in and then it will be time for a new motor.
The bolt holes are for the puller attachment.
I my self would clean the carb and then look towards the coil if the carb cleaning doesn't work.
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Originally Posted by DexterII View Post
Okay Gremlin, not playing favorites here, but if Jim says it's okay to smack the top of of a steel puller with a steel hammer while it's pressed against the end of a crankshaft, I'm okay with it. Doesn't mean that I'm going to change my opinion, or the way that I would do it, but I'm okay with it. As if what's okay with me matters a hill of beans to anyone else here!
Dexter, I wasn't trying to take away from what you said I just trying to say that is the way I have done it also. I apologize if I stepped on your toes, I didn't mean to. Actually the way I pull a flywheel I have a piece of angle iron with holes drilled in it. I tighten the bolts down tight as I dare then I hold the flywheel up with my hand and hit the angle iron on top of the crank. I don't like to hit the end of the crank while it is totally seated, it could mess the other end of where the crank is resting. Once again, I am sorry I upset up you.
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No problem; honest. I was just pulling your leg. Just my soft spoken humor, which I need to watch when not standing in front of someone, because it's not so clear without the accompanying grin. Otherwise, simply a matter of two different opinions, and I would have been dead a long time ago, well, probably a long, long time ago, if I couldn't respect someone else's opinion, so, again, no problem at all.
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