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Startingover 03-18-2016 02:08 PM

Whats the maximum I can put in my self propelled mower?

Last fall it started every week if I poured a little Seafoam in. Not today, first I tried to use it since winter.


BigJim 03-18-2016 03:49 PM

Re: Seafoam
This video pretty well explains how to use it. I really love the stuff. Also I never use ethanol in any small engine.

de-nagorg 03-18-2016 05:18 PM

Re: Seafoam
Getting pure gasoline is getting harder lately.

It takes research and diligence, but that is all that you should use to run the mower on, As the moonshine (ethanol), that is mixed into modern fuel will mess up those plastic and rubber parts in those little carburetors.

And never leave any fuel in them over the winter, you will need a repair come spring.

That said: the Seafoam is good for cleaning out those deposits left over from the evaporated fuel, only if it can get into the TINY passages.

You might try to concentrate the mixture more to hopefully open up any blockages, I am not sure how to use though as I said I do not leave any to evaporate and cause a gunked-up carburetor.

Try to get a can of "START YOUR ENGINE" sold at Walmart, It is a little can, in a small box in the auto additives section, It really does work great.


SeniorSitizen 03-18-2016 06:44 PM

Re: Seafoam
There has been products to pour / spray into the carburetors of running engines for at least 60 years. The smoke produced looks impressive but a complete waste of the product and your time. What needs cleaning are the small passages / orifices and that sprayed into the carburetor at that location never touches those, not even close.

Startingover 03-19-2016 08:32 AM

Re: Seafoam
Yes, I left the gas tank filled over the winter. Thought I'd mow again but never did.

I can't believe this mower cost me $85 every year at repair shop.

Startingover 03-19-2016 08:51 AM

Re: Seafoam
I really want a riding mower.

Theres a Poulan at Home Depot with Briggs & Stratton engine thats in lower price range.

But it says it has 6 gears. Wonder if that means you have to shift gears?.

de-nagorg 03-19-2016 11:23 AM

Re: Seafoam

Originally Posted by Startingover (Post 3126025)
Yes, I left the gas tank filled over the winter. Thought I'd mow again but never did.

I can't believe this mower cost me $85 every year at repair shop.

Gasoline degrades over time, after a few weeks it has lost enough ability to ignite that an engine cannot burn it, it is only good for some other use.

Discard the fuel in the tank, get fresh gas , not last years in the can, discard that too.

Get that can of "START your engine", add some of it to the FRESH gas, try again.

As for a riding mower, if you have a small yard, they are a waste of money, and most that I have used once you start mowing in whatever gear you are in, you cannot shift gears until you stop.


Startingover 03-19-2016 11:50 AM

Re: Seafoam

Just went to Walmart. They dont have "Start Your Engine". Maybe AutoZone has it???

I guess I tip the mower over to drain gas??

Ok, I'll buy new gas.

de-nagorg 03-19-2016 12:04 PM

Re: Seafoam
My local Walmart keeps it in stock, it is near the automotive supply department.
Auto-zone should carry it too.

Turning your mower upside down ain't a good idea either, it will work, but might cause oil loss and plug fouling.

Better to remove the tank, should be held on by 2 little screws, and a hose.

As I stated last year "If I lived a lot closer, I would be there to help"

but there are too many miles to just run right over.


Fix'n it 03-20-2016 12:10 PM

Re: Seafoam
get a cheapo turkey baster and put a hose on it. this will easily get out all that needs to be gottin out.

Startingover 03-22-2016 02:11 PM

Re: Seafoam
Turkey baster? That is certainly clever.

Bought "Start Your Engine" at Autozone and unfortunately while I got a few more sputters, it didn't catch or start. Will take it to the shop this week.

I used to live in Ind, where Tony Hulman lived and remember him starting Indy 500's with "Gentlemen, start your engine".

I truly appreciate all the support here.

DexterII 03-22-2016 02:42 PM

Re: Seafoam
Like Ed, I'm too far away to drop by, but, if I were there, one of the things I would try before heading to the shop is changing the spark plug. And I'd bet that you can do that yourself. It may not be that old, but that doesn't mean it's not carboned up. If you don't have feeler or another gauge, your local auto parts store will probably gap it for you. Just handle it such that you don't bang the electrode on the way home or in the process of installing it.

Startingover 03-22-2016 08:40 PM

Re: Seafoam
Woo Hoo. I'm so excited.

A lawn guy who's done the neighbor's lawn for yrs was next door. We've always waved to him and chatted a little.

My daughter just got home and stopped him to get a price on mowing. And this is another thing I knew, lol. He said its easier to mow without a hodgepodge (my words not his) of shrubs scattered all over the back yard. Its easier when bushes are in one spot along the edge.

But, (this is the exciting part) he said he'd take my mower home and fix it for $25. He tried to start it and said its the carburetor and, (as you guys did) not to leave gas in it over 5 days.

And, he said I have way too much oil in it. And, I'm suppose to buy 3 in 1 oil for the wires that control the saftey stop bar on the handle.

The birds love the shrubs in my yard but it does make mowing harder.

Dexter, thanks. I told thus guy I put the spark plug in myself so he could check it as it seemed a tricky thing to do.

Fix'n it 03-22-2016 09:05 PM

Re: Seafoam
i just started my snow blower, 2 stroke. i filled it up in november, in anticipation of the coming snow. well, we didn't get much snow. i ran the thing 2 times all season, the tank is still basicly full. it started right up. 6 month old gas. i started my chain saw with the same 6 month old gas from the can as the SB. it started right up. same thing with my earth auger.

i NEVER use stabil.

Startingover 03-22-2016 10:09 PM

Re: Seafoam
Hmmmm. Wonder why you have better luck than me? Maybe the heat in my garage compared to Illinois?

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