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leave a Deere mower outside in winter?

Hey all,

I've got a newer model Deer riding mower - I think the model is D110.

I live just north of Atlanta and need to regain space in my garage so got a shed. I want to put my mower in it for the winter. It won't get wet, yet will be subject tot he cold. We don't get too many days below freezing - but we do get them. Otherwise it might hang in the high 30s to low 40s.

I use the mower for various things, even in the winter, so really don't want to winterize. I could always move it to the garage if extended cold is forecasted - but then I can't get my car in there!

Will leaving it outside (covered) hurt it? Anything I could/should do?
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What oil do you have in it? You may want to put in a multi viscosity oil if you want to use it in the colder temps. Check your manual.

Other than that won't hurt a thing.
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It won't hurt it. Just put some fuel stabilize in the tank, even though you will use it periodically, and if possible, a battery tender hook up would be recommended. Cold saps those small batteries.
And if it is outside covered, remove the cover every now and then and look under the engine cover. Mice like places like that in the colder temps. Those little critters can do a lot of damage
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Colder weather - you may find it more difficult to start and the pathetic vinyl seat cover will be more subject to cracking. I solved the hard starting of mine with a country boy primer.

Occasional use during winter months is a plus but you may find a white creamy substance inside the dip stick tube as the winter months progress. This is moisture not being driven off because of lower than recommended engine operating temperature.

Outside ( covered ) - all the above plus rodent ( usually mouse ) nest construction under the air shroud is a possibility. Frequent use deters that activity but does not guarantee it won't happen. A mouse trap under the cover is a plus. That has ruined countless air cooled engines as summer approaches.
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My three riding mowers have never been in a garage, always use 10W30 oil, never even been covered with a tarp.
Cover it up and the mice have a nice dry place to live.
I just leave the seats tipped up.
As long as you keep the battery charged up you should be fine.
For far less issues find someplace that sells nonethenal fuel.
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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We have very cold winters. I just bring the battery inside for the winter. Starts up like a charm in the spring
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Not really sure what problems could result (other than vermin nesting) from keeping it in a shed ? Unless I'm mistaken , the D series Deeres are air-cooled .
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