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MushCreek 06-28-2015 04:42 PM

Do I want a chipper/shredder?
I have 7 acres of trees, and lots of maintenance to do. I want to thin the smaller trees, use what I can for firewood, and chip the brush. How well do residential chippers ($1000 or less) work for this kind of thing? I see lots of them for sale in the 10-13 hp range, with an alleged capacity of 3". How well do they work in real life? Any recommendations on brand? No, I'm not going to go out and buy a 6 cylinder diesel chipper (although I'd like to). I just paid a lot of money to have massive piles of brush mulched from when we cleared our building area, and would like to avoid that again.

jimn01 06-28-2015 06:48 PM

I had one . It was the biggest waste of money. They are meant for small quantities of stuff that you pick up around your yard , small shrubbery and and occasional very small tree. Feed the result of forest cleanup and thining and you will be spending more time fixing and repairing than cleaning. Save the stuff up and either hire someone to chip it or rent a commercial chipper .

ront02769 06-28-2015 08:37 PM

You will get various opinions. I am on 15 acres, about 10 wooded, and heat with wood cut on the property. So you take down a 30' tree or so, limb it, cut what is left for firewood, and there you have all of the limbs and yack to deal with. In my case, I take the limbs and toss them into piles for the little forest animals to live in. Fast and easy. For you, with your brush chipper, you can stand there for another few hours feeding limbs down the thing, many of won't fit, and then deal with the remnants. The "home" models are NOT NOT NOt what the electrical and phone company forestry crews use where they just takes a big limb and toss it in and instant mulch. You will be more like feed the branch in....and hold it while it grinds...and hold it...and hold it.....enough said. Ron

Fix'n it 06-29-2015 09:46 PM

i asked a guy at work that has land. he said the same thing = POS

Msradell 06-29-2015 10:05 PM

I had an 8 hp one that I bought when I cut down a bunch of trees on our property in South Carolina. It obviously wasn't the same as the commercial ones but as long as you didn't jam stuff into it it did a pretty good job. You had to sharpen the blades occasionally to keep it cutting smoothly and if you cut the wood when it was green instead of dried it cut better.

Many of the rental yards rent the smaller ones, why don't you rent money and see how you think it works for what you want to do.

Colbyt 06-30-2015 07:13 AM

The purchase was the biggest tool disappoint of my life. I should have gone to a bar and drank the $600 cause I pi***** it away anyhow.

Never buy anything that does not have a clutch. Manual starting of larger engines will work you to death.

joecaption 06-30-2015 09:14 AM

Own a tractor with at least 23 HP with A PTO?

MushCreek 06-30-2015 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by joecaption (Post 2211850)
Own a tractor with at least 23 HP with A PTO?

Not yet. Besides, PTO chippers are $$$.

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