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Door, unwanted window soundproofing using plasterboard and fibreglass

Hey people, cool forum here. Guess this is the right section for this..

So basically I am trying to do a little cheap DIY rented studio apartment soundproofing. I don't know what the walls are made of. But the problem area here is the very weak entry door and ventilation windows above(not required,open vertically) and to the right of it. I can hear even a normal conversation outside(STC <20?) and there's lotsa noise. My goal is to make normal conversations from inside and outside inaudible which should equal STC of 35+.

For the windows, I'm planning 2 layers of plasterboard with fibreglass insulation in between. I'll attach(with nails??) a board on the top window sill(the place where window meets wall) then attach a board to it vertically and then attach the other faces to it. Then I'll put fibreglass on it and put another board to cover it up. I'll leave some space between the window and board.

For the doors I'm planning to measure, take plys and put fibreglass inside and cover up with wood. Then I'll attach a door sweep below.

Seems like a good plan but I'm reluctant to start and have questions due to lack of experience..
>I've never attempted such a big DIY project before. I've very little knowledge of hardware and putting stuff around. Should I go ahead with this?(I'm ready for some fun but don't want to waste money)
>Will this even be able to get enough insulation? I know it will help if done right..
>What reversible(not necessarily easily reversible, or requiring no money) method should I use to attach the board to the sill?
>How much difference will it make if some of the area has less insulation for eg. doesn't have fibreglass or only has sealant?
>Will the STC of the room still be significantly less than if it only had a door?
>How do I ensure everything is sealed tight? Necessary to use a sealant?

I also have the option of moving place but I'd have to probably do the door anyway. I think the whole proofing would cost ~$40-50 which is ok.
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