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Balloon Frame Rough cut ideas needed

Hi, I have a balloon framed house with rough cut 2x4 studs in MA. it currently has some loose fill blown-in cellulose in the walls. I'm planning on doing some work on the first floor which will include gutting some exterior walls and I'm not sure the best was to insulate them. If the budget permits I'm thinking 4 inches of closed cell but I'm not sure what my other options are.

I could flash and batt but I would have to do at least 2 inches of foam and the rest batts (I read the the foam has to be atleast 50% of the R value to eliminate condensation in the wall, is that correct?)

I haven't be able to find any 4" fiber glass so I'm assuming they don't make it. Also I assume it's a bad idea to just you the 3.5 inch fiberglass because the will be an air pocket which is a no no, right?

can I do a 1/2 inch of a rigid foam board and then a 3.5 inch fiberglass? faced?

What about 3.5 inches of fiberglass, unfaced, and then a 1/2 inch of rigid foam board? would the board need a facing on it?

Are they another other options?

Also, any good tips for keeping the cellulose that is in the upstairs walls from falling out when gutting the first floor?

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You may want to contact Robert Riversong via Google, who is back east near you. He has done a lot of rough cut houses and may be able to either give you some info or maybe you could even hire him out. I'm not sure which tiny little state he is in, but they are all pretty small back there, so driving from one to the other to work ain't much. Myself, I would avoid fiberglass batts like the plague. Re-pack the walls w/ dense packed cellulose, or use Roxul batts, IMO.
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What is the cladding and sheathing (if any)?

Cut a slot in the plaster/drywall before the demo- little bigger than a 2x4 block for each stud bay to install at the ceiling line for stopping the cellulose and act as a fire-block (which is required anyway). If dense-packed, it won't fall on it's own...

You can figure the dew point using foam board easily yourself- using the psych chart or Joe's way:

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