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IMHO, you were under the 2000 Energy Code (or a little earlier) when the house was built which required R-38 also; Zone 10;

R-38 for Zone 10= 4500-4999 days;

Which means you probably have 10-11" (R-38) of low-density blown fiberglass (R-38). Problem with FG is that it does settle over time, especially blown-in, compared to batt (although my floor batts are 2-1/2" thick from 5-1/2" at install over 15 years). Air sealing floors/walls/ceilings (around here) started in 2002, hard to tell if yours are or not. You could check around the attic access hatch framing for caulking or check a recessed light for IC type. If you added 6" of cellulose you would compress the FG even more= making it more dense = better product with more insulation per inch (a good thing) to stop air movement from below (which I'd be surprised if you had much due to age of the house). 6" more of cellulose and don't worry about air sealing due to the ability of it stopping most air holes- the large ones should have been done already- you could check around a plumbing pipe close to the hatch entry- while over there; fix your kink from the banding support of the air handler ducting which is reducing the flow to the room 25-30% including it is a "flex" duct (with inherent air turbulence/restrictions);

Once the cell. is added, you need to make sure all holes in the crawl space/basement are sealed in the floor from below as these create a "stack effect" bring moisture along to the attic;

IMO, R-25 is a good stopping point on value vs. cost for insulation and you exceed that- though the cell. is imperative for its qualities;chart:

Good tips;

I suggest you get a (free ?) energy check for the house, check online. Then you would know for sure where the work is at. Ask your neighbors their bill amount (yours sounds inexpensive to me), if a similar house/habits number of occupants. Make sure no weed (mj) is growing under grow-lights in the basement- remodeled a house with 49 double electrical outlets in ceiling ... they added an 8' hot tub to mask the energy use from utility company, lol.

If any ads are present below my answer or words underlined/colored, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed/linked to, they are there without my consent.
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Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
The Stack effect has got me re-thinking my strategy.

The mj in the basement made me laugh. We go down there all the time to service the lower level furnace and use the storage room. etc. Not that our tenant is the kind of person to go into that business venture.
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