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TV Wall Project + Popcorn Ceiling Fix

Hi everyone,

I have no experience with this, which brings me to the forum I literally hired two guys already (family/friends), bad mistakes, to do this job. One guy hacked it badly with plastic cable strips all over my wall. I had it this way for several months until I was fed up and hired someone else to redo the project. It was partially done, the guy literally disappeared for 1 month, I haven't heard a word from him - he was supposed to complete the job. Besides, he also did a hack I either want to just complete the project on my own the best way possible (salvage) or just redo it myself. I can't seem to find anyone to do it properly.

I have attached photos of exactly what it looks like right now. According to the last guy, the job is done and the hardware and shelving just needs to go up.

In brief, the project started because it was messy, I had cables running along the wall from the ground up. I had a coax cable, subwoofer cable and the power cables running from the baseboard to the shelf, soundbar, and TV. I then had cables running along the wall from the shelf to the TV and from the soundbar to the TV. I wanted every cable behind the wall so it's nice and clean.

The drywall was all cut along the baseboard horizontally and vertically in the mid section of the wall, all the way up to the new power outlet behind the TV.
The coax and subwoofer cables are run behind the wall also. The outlet is now functional behind the TV.

Now, his solution was to stick all the cables and plaster it in to the wall because there is very little space behind the drywall. This is a condo, the drywall is literally up against the concrete wall, so there isn't much space apparently to run a tube or anything to fish cables. Basically, the cables are in there for good and I can't remove or add new cables. I didn't like the idea but he said it's the only solution. I don't think you're allowed to chip away at the concrete in a condo, even though it would be so minimal, I doubt the structure would compensated. So I took his advice anyway and just went along with it.

I need to plaster and sand the area on the center of the wall where he cut the drywall out vertically, because I see grooves, indentations, etc. It's not smooth enough to paint. The area where he cut horizontally is fine.

At this point, I just want to complete the job. I can rent a concrete drill and remount the bracket myself, which is not a problem. I would love to just get some feedback on whether there are any other solutions other than the two which I can think of below.

1. Replaster the center of the wall. Replaster the area around the cables. Install a cable access strap with wallplate to clean it up a little where the cables come out of the wall behind the TV. I'll have to measure to see if this is feasible in the mid section because it cannot show a plate in between the shelf-sound bar and soundbar-tv area. Those areas needs to be nice and clean, sanded, painted.

2. Redo the entire thing, try to install tubing behind the wall somehow so cables can be managed better. I'm really unsure how I'm going to run new cables in the future.

Also, the outlet cannot go flush against the wall behind the TV, due to the same issue described, there's no room due to the concrete. Is there a solution or way to clean up around the box, like a cover? Or just keep it sticking out? I don't really like the idea of metal being exposed in the open from the outlet box. This TV also comes out and swivels so the wall behind the TV will be exposed in those situations.

The second part of my post is the ceiling, it got scraped up and the popcorn got sliced off. I bought a popcorn ceiling repair spray but it did nothing but smooth in the indents from the cuts. Anyone know how this can be fixed?

I've attached a few photos for reference.

I'm unsure of any other solutions. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Thank you.
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Re: TV Wall Project + Popcorn Ceiling Fix

Talk about a hack job!

First off, if it were me, I would cut a square hole in the drywall, and either frame around the hole with wood, or, see if Lowes carries a shallow junction box you could glue to the concrete... then feed all the wires into this box.

Next, instead of installing the outlet in the wall, maybe instead install on on the surface of the wall, behind the TV, or, on the shelf itself, and paint it the same color of the wall/shelf so it doesnt stand out.

The way it is now, will create 'crumbs' when trying to hook up all your stuff... Also, the junction box would make for a much more cleaner look, more professional.

As far as the popcorn - the spray in a can stuff has too must liquid in it, so it comes out like oatmeal. If the surface of the drywall is gouged, then that needs to be levelled off, prior to spraying texture.

You might have to hire that out - or live with it. to do it properly you need medium texture mix, a hopper, a gun, and an aircompressor, you need to cover the wall from cieling to floor with plastic, and cover everything in the room. Spraying popcorn is easy enough, however setup time takes time, and its extremely messy!
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