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dcultravillain 04-15-2019 11:56 AM

Mold under Plaster, what else?
Removing plaster to get to underneath concrete mold removal. Problem is... a lot, rusted wires, galvanized steel pipe, secret crumbling brick exposure, bad patch work. House is from 1939.

Anywaay I've run into this dust looking, but impossible to remove stuff covering the straight masonry. Any idea how to remove it? I need direct contact with the mold. I have a bunch of other questions too but would like to know this first since my first post got deleted.

Windows on Wash 04-15-2019 12:47 PM

Re: Mold under Plaster, what else?
Pictures help here. Where is the water coming from?

dcultravillain 04-15-2019 01:46 PM

Re: Mold under Plaster, what else?
I have wrote a lot of information having trouble withsit

dcultravillain 04-16-2019 03:01 AM

Re: Mold under Plaster, what else?

Originally Posted by Windows on Wash (Post 5814087)
Pictures help here. Where is the water coming from?

Sorry been having a lot of tech issues today... Can't load photos from phone for some reason. I will take some tomorrow with regular camera and bring them up to show you.

As for the water, I don't know. There's a roof bubble but nothing ever comes out. The carpets get moisture and mold, whole other issue, lots of issues really but I'm keeping this short.

I did a meter check today to see if there is a leak in the house but after three hours no movement. I'll call water and power and see if its just stuck tomorrow. I have a moisture detector that I have to figure out, do you have any suggestions on this?

Basic specs: House is from 1939 made of concrete and plaster walls, unsure of foundation please give examples will inspect. Lots of problems. Lots...

Galvanazed steel was replaced 30 years ago with copper but unsure if it was all or if some is left unused. The room with the issues of peeling plaster that I unpeeled is directly next to the bathroom which has mildew of course and heavy grout damaged mold I'm trying to slowly repair and replace.

Upon removing (safely) plaster by peeling away easy layers, it was yellowish and smelled. Revealed some things I'll send pics of. Old wires or plumping all rusted? Pockets of dusty stuff, a lot I don't understand.

Lifting carpet under windows and next to bathroom is wet but dont know if mold will take pictures. lots of wet wood chips or something. Windows probably leak, I can seal. not big issue now.

So, some plaster is hard to come off, there's just layers in some spots, I reveleaed what looked like a pipe but not sure if in use, the big surprise is it looked like bricks surrounding it and chipped away quite easily. Again I will post pictures.

I dont know if it only happens when it rains, I do know it got wet again after heavy use of bath tub which has a drainage leak and is totally uncovered.

The bathroom has had tile and grout replaced with mildew, ****ty random patchwork i dont understand, and a crack above the bath that seems to go deep. Hairline crack above toilet and green sludge on copper pipe coiming out of shower but not going into tub. Kitchen sink has cracked plaster and major wood rot.

So, There's a lot here, I don't have blue prints, boyfriend doesn't seem to know as much as he thinks and I know I need to find a source and get it repaired or all this is for not.

I will take pictures of everything I can, including this weird sandy stuff and brick stuff. Foundation under carpet and outside too. I hope this gives a basic idea of what I know. Oh! rat infestations too over the years. Know some of their pathways, not all but could contribute?

TL;DR Ill post pics tomorrow when I can and find out more info. Could I be pointed in the direction of how to find where it comes from or possiblities with my moisture reader? thank you.

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