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Drywall Tape

im finisheding my basement and wondering what is the best tape to use? What is the difference between paper tape and the fiberglass mesh tape?

I know with the fiberglass mesh you dont need the under coat of mud.

Any help would be great.

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The mesh tape has an adhesive on it and is perhaps a bit easier to get on the surfaces because of this. It is also better for providing structure for any sort of gaps.

If your joints are tight and level and you don't have large gaps? I still prefer paper tape. I find it easier to work with and to me there is no difference between putting down a layer of mud or forcing it through the mesh. For me, the mesh tape can be too flexible at times in corners and things.
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I have never used the mesh tape, I used the paper tape when I did my drywall.

I have heard that the mesh tape is better for repairs as opposed to the paper.

I also find the paper tape easy to use.
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I totally agree with this:
"First, let's make it clear what we are talking about. Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape was developed to bridge the seams in plasterboard before veneer (thin coat) gypsum plaster is applied. This is where fiberglass tape shines. Veneer plaster is tough stuff, much tougher than most joint compounds.
A thin layer of veneer plaster over glass mesh tape bonds through the tape to the board underneath, and supplies a rigid overcoat to reinforce the seam even further.
Joint compound, on the other hand, is less rigid than plaster. It will bond just fine to the board under the tape, but the thin topping coats do not have adequate toughness to add much more reinforcement power.
Often in my business, here is what I see. Someone tapes plaster cracks or drywall joints with fiberglass mesh tape. It's quick and easy - faster than using paper drywall tape which has to be laid in a bed of drywall mud. So, they top the fiberglass tape with two coats of mud and think they have it done.
Actually, I like fiberglass tape when used like this. Only because I have earned thousands over the years repairing this kind of stuff!
Here's what often happens. There is some subtle movement in the underlying structure - maybe nothing more than the drying out of wood studs/joists, or the slamming of a door - and now we suddenly have a hairline crack showing up right in the middle of a glass taped seam or crack. Especially common around door or window openings, or with drywall butt joints.
The glass tape is not torn. It's just not rigid enough. The solution is to pull out the glass tape, clean things up a bit, and retape with paper drywall tape. Paper tape is not mesh. I believe it bonds better to the flat surface, when mudded in right, and is tougher and more rigid when coated than is glass tape.
Some people recommend using hot mud (setting type joint compound) over glass tape because they reason that this is tougher than regular mud. Well, that may be true, depending on the brand of hot mud. But even then, I have seen the glass taped seams develop hairline cracks without breaking. So my preference is not to use glass tape for regular taping work. However, having said that"

From this site: http://www.plaster-wall-ceiling-solu...wall-tape.html
Be safe, Gary
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