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Re: Drywall DIY?

I recently hung the equivalent of 180 sheets of drywall. Lots of 4x10's and 4x12's. All 5/8". Hanging drywall is hell. I quit going to the gym and started drinking lots of IPA. I'm glad I did it only b/c I learned a lot about hanging drywall and won't get ripped off when I hire a drywaller for my next project. Also, my framing will improve after hanging that much drywall.

My advice would be :
1) Hire a drywaller. Here in Brooklyn NY they charge $10-12 a sheet. If that's the true cost of hanging drywall I was crazy to do it myself.
2. If you're going to do it yourself - buy a rotozip to cut out the outlets, doors and windows.
3. Buy a drywall lift. You'll be able to sell it when you're done. It's great for the ceiling and the top row of wall sheetrock. Allowing you to work solo a lot. Also buy one of those orange panel carry tools. Like $10.
4. I bot a ridgid drywall gun but stopped using it after day one. The impacter with a #2 screw bit worked great. The drywall bit that has a stop on it rips the paper.

Hopefully you have some friends.

I'm interviewing tapers now b/c there's no way I'd tape this place myself.

Good luck.

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Re: Drywall DIY?

  • Rent a lift/hoist from Home Depot.
  • Get 2 small drywall lifts you can use with your feet to but the bottom wall sheet up to the top wall sheet.
  • Use 12' boards. Your butt joints should always be factory edge to factory edge.
  • Keep butt joints as far away from each other as possible. Or at least a few studs way.
  • DO NOT USE AN IMPACT GUN! Buy or rent a real drywall screw gun. You pull the trigger and push and the clutch will save you.
  • A drywall router is by far the best way to cut out electrical outlets, but you may hang 100 boards before you get the hang of it. If you use one, stick the bit in the middle of the box/high hat go the edge. Pull the bit out of the drywall slightly and find the outside edge. Then go counter clockwise around the box. This way you're going against the spinning of the bit and it helps the router not run on you. Don't cut all your electrical wires!
  • The hire a plaster guy comment was funny. Probably 4x the cost.
  • They're called rockers, hangers, tapers, finishers, idiots ... depending on the region!
  • You can put a few nails in the parameter of the board to hold it until you start screwing. Gluing and screwing is the best way to go.
  • Put your ceiling up first. You can give yourself a 1/4" play on your edges so you're not trimming/fighting every board. The next sheet will cover it.
  • Buy a drywall wrasp to take down any edges on the piece you cut.
  • Buy a T-Square.
  • Score the front of the board completely. Break it. Score the back as much as possible. Then you can quickly pull the board back towards the original cut and snap it clean. Watch a few videos.
  • If you have to run any boards along a slab, keep the drywall a good 1/2 inch off the slab. It will draw moisture out of the concrete and you don't want that.
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