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57 mph wind. Whatís it like?

Posted 09-03-2019 at 09:17 PM by Startingover

Tuesday evening Dorian is a Cat 2 near my coast. My neighborhood may experience 57 mph gust at 2 am

A couple of yrs ago I could barely close my wooden gate as the wind was against it. Not sure what that wind measured.

Im staying home but if it gets bad Iím not sure about driving 1 mile to my daughters. These old oaks we have arenít likely to lose limbs but palms have shallow roots an topple easily. I know of a young guy driving killed by one.

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Trees & tires

Posted 08-26-2019 at 06:36 PM by Startingover

I guess Iím lucky.... in a strange way.

Saved money to have a small tree removed but decided to tackle it myself.

While I was sitting in my garage taking a break from tree work I happened to notice a tire looked low.

Went to the tire store today and there was only 17 lbs of pressure. I was told it was a nail in a spot that canít be repaired.

So instead of my tree money being surplus money it went for a new tire!
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Scaling back + being nice.

Posted 05-19-2019 at 09:43 AM by Startingover

My daughter has been a homeowner for 2 yrs now. When she has typical problems in her house Iím now shrugging an saying, ďoh dear, Well, youíll figure it outĒ as I edge towards the door an head home. Instead of taking care of it myself.

On another matter I was very sad about this.

3 of us women were helping a 90 yr old man. He looked at us and said, ďare you Christians?Ē I replied yes. He said, ďyouíre nicer to me than the people out there (pointing to window)Ē...
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Posted 11-19-2018 at 12:35 PM by Startingover

For a second I thought I might have a $200 turkey. Busy, rushed to store for the turkey breast they held for me. I'm very law abiding. But I needed turkey and withhout realizing was way over speed limit and while I never see police here of course one was sitting behind a bush. Thankfully he didn't stop me.

This was funny to me but sweet.
Got my 6 lb turkry breast and the gentleman at the meat counter came out an handed it to me saying, "is this too heavy for you? ...
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Serious threat.

Posted 08-12-2018 at 05:33 PM by Startingover
Updated 08-14-2018 at 10:32 PM by Startingover

Since my daughter bought her house 1.5 yrs ago the next door neighbor's laundry washer drains onto her yard. Very near her house.

Several months ago I saw the man an asked him to come over an look at standing water. He said he'd fix it.

Last week my daughter discovered the water caused a hole 12x18" wide an 8-16" deep on her property. She told the wife about it. My daughter deals with the public, is friendly, professional and well liked.

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