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Which Siding material goes the distance?

Posted 10-25-2019 at 12:03 AM by Windows on Wash

When it comes to siding materials, a common question we get asked at Windows on Washington is, “Which siding material is the most durable?” The answer to that is twofold, and we will be discussing it in detail in this article. But firstly, why is siding important? Siding is your home’s main form of protection from the elements. It is the first port of call for keeping the inside of your home comfortable and safe. If you are looking at replacing or installing new siding, you might also be wondering which siding goes the distance. Siding comes in a variety of materials, with some of the most common choices being wood, brick and vinyl. In this article you will discover which siding material really lasts.
Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding has a variety of advantages, and has come a long way in the home improvement industry. There are more colors to choose from than ever before, and it has also become a lot more durable in recent years. However, because aluminum siding is painted, if that paint gets scratched, the surface becomes exposed and weak, leaving a sore spot on your home. It is also susceptible to dents and other damages from weather such as hail. While it is not the most durable siding on the market, it is a decent siding choice.
Brick siding

Brick is one of the more popular and traditional siding materials. Comprised from fired clay, brick siding comes in many different textures, colors and siding. Brick has always been a popular choice of siding thanks to the fact that it stands the test of time and responds well to extreme weather conditions. One of the disadvantages to brick siding, however, is that it is hard to renew or install in a remodeling project. Another pitfall is the substantial cost of brick, as well as the labor intensive nature of installation. The short answer is while brick siding goes the distance, if you are looking to remodel your home or update your siding, it may not be the ideal choice.
Stone siding

Stone siding is perhaps one of the most naturally beautiful and durable siding materials, yet for this very reason, comes with a heavy price tag. Stone is also the most expensive siding, costing around or over $10-30 per square foot. Unfortunately, this is enough to deter homeowners from choosing stone siding. And, similarly to brick siding, stone siding can be difficult to add to an existing home.
Wood siding

If well-maintained, wood siding is one of the more durable siding materials on the market. It offers a timeless and classic look and can really make your home stand out from the crowd. However, while wood siding is highly durable, it also needs a lot of upkeep. It requires consistent staining and painting to keep the wood siding looking its best. Also, wood siding is susceptible to other problems like rotting, warping and expanding, not to mention the possibility of termite infestations. If you live in Virginia or Maryland, wood siding is not the best choice.
Vinyl siding

The most common and popular siding across the United States is vinyl siding, and for plenty of excellent reasons. Vinyl siding is especially good if you live in the mid-Atlantic such as Virginia or Maryland. It is affordable, resistant to cracking, warping, rotting, swelling and expanding. Vinyl siding is also weather and insect resistant so it can withstand the harsh seasons of the mid-Atlantic. In terms of price, maintenance, and strength, vinyl siding is the most durable siding material to choose from. It also comes in many different colors and styles such as dutch lap, shake, scalloped and more. At the end of the day, vinyl siding provides the best return on investment, as it will also save you money thanks to its energy efficiency.
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