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Almost in trouble

Posted 05-12-2018 at 08:16 AM by Startingover
Updated 05-12-2018 at 08:22 AM by Startingover

Nothing like being innocent but getting scolded.

I like taking stairs instead of elevator for exercise.

Few days ago I was in a famous (or well known) building. I was on the 3rd floor and needed 7th floor so I headed to stairwell.

After only one flight the stairs ended abruptly. With no choice except turning around an going back down, I exited the "unmarked" ( I stress word 'unmarked'" door.

Suddenly I was in a hall lined with filing cabinets which I imagine contained private files. There were a few other rooms but no people. So I walked a short ways expecting to see an exit sign. when I spotted a lady at a desk. I apologized for interrupting her but asked where exit was.

She had a look of surprise and asked how I got there then admonished me for using the stairs and led me out. I looked back at the door as I Left and it said "staff only."

I'm half tempted to write and suggest if people aren't to use the stairs instead of only an 'exit' sign they should say 'emergency only' or Staff only. Am I right?

I realised later I've taken the stairs there before but it was a different set of stairs more in the
center of the building.

They should thank me for pointing this out an be glad I wasn't a vandal sneaking around.
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    hkstroud's Avatar
    Don't let "little" people ruin your day. Think of how important she must have felt getting to "correct" someone after being stuck in the files all day.
    Posted 05-23-2018 at 04:35 AM by hkstroud hkstroud is offline
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    jimfarwell's Avatar
    Innocent but scolded...yeah.

    It was 65 years ago, but seems like yesterday.
    Dad dressed me down pretty good for breaking a window. I didn't break it, but I knew better than to interrupt one of his stern lectures.

    When it was over, I asked why he thought I broke it. He was surprised, " mean you didn't do it?"

    "Nope, it was Bruce."

    "Hold on, let's get your brother in here. BRUCE, GET IN HERE!"

    Bruce slinked in, staying near the door in case he needed to make an abrupt exit. "Yeah?"

    "You told me Jim broke the window. He tells me that YOU did it. What happened? The TRUTH!"

    "...well...yeah, I threw the rock, BUT HE DUCKED!"
    Posted 07-31-2018 at 03:00 AM by jimfarwell jimfarwell is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Posted 08-12-2018 at 05:01 PM by Startingover Startingover is offline

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