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12 DIY Bathroom Improvement Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Posted 01-17-2020 at 04:16 AM by melving.crane


Many people are looking into remodeling their bathrooms for two main reasons which are improving the aesthetics as well as improving its functionality.

Who doesn’t want a Pinterest inspired bathroom?! A misleading thought that comes with remodeling is generally that it is an expensive process and will be very hard on our wallets.

However, with a few simple tips and tricks, and with just the right aspects to pick on, remodeling your bathroom can be made easy on the wallet and even fun if you choose to DIY it. This could be adding a shower speaker to make your shower concerts a little more interesting!

Most of the remodeling can be done by you and is primarily based on giving a deep cleaning which will automatically start to make the area look and work better.

Even if you want to hire a professional to fix some aspects of your bathroom or make some purchases, the entire process does not have to cost you a fortune and being even slightly clever and creative should help you make the best choices.

To help you with that, we have come up with 12 DIY tips to consider while making remodeling plans.

1. Repaint your bathroom correctly:

The walls of a bathroom are subjected to water vapor, mold, and humidity. Thus, such paint must be chosen that can withstand such conditions. Further, the walls must be prepped by sanding them and then applying a coat of primer before you paint them.

The surfaces that are difficult to paint around such as door handles must be protected with cloth or tape while painting. The best way to paint is to go from the top down. Start painting the ceiling and then proceed to the walls. Ensure sufficient ventilation after painting to prevent mold formation.

2. Use inexpensive paint:

Painting your walls is generally the main step to a remodeling process and paint can sometimes be quite pricey. Thus, going for the more inexpensive option is generally a better option. This will solve the purpose of making your walls look aesthetically pleasing and be a more economical option.

Such paints might need an additional coat since it will be exposed to heat and vapor. Some paints that can be used to paint the walls and are inexpensive are Leyland Paints and Dulux which are bathroom paints and are thus resistant to moisture but are relatively less pricey than other brands.

3. Cleaning the Shower Area:

The shower area is generally one of the messier areas of the bathroom since mold and mildew are common sights near it. This is because it is more often wet than not. Deep cleaning will get rid of these nasty mildew formations which will make the area look much better and cleaner.

It is important to get in and clean up the small crevices which are the spots where mold starts to form. It also helps to clean the area regularly to prevent the build-up of mold. Investing in an automatic shower cleaner can help with this.

4. Create a Roomier Effect:

Making space look a little roomier and spacey instead of cramped can make all the difference in making your bathroom look nicer. To create this roomy effect, in general, light and airy colors are used as the theme for both the paint and structures.

Dark colors tend to create an illusion of smallness and thus are not used often since it makes the area look cramped. Here, you might also want to clear all the clutter as well as reconsider the positioning of your shower furniture and push them towards the walls to create more space.

5. Be careful when hiring a contractor for the remodeling process:

It is very important to choose your contractor correctly as it can be pretty expensive. It will not only affect the costs associated with remodeling but also the quality of work delivered. Here are some tips for hiring the right contractor are:
  1. Get referrals: This will tell you that a particular contractor is trustworthy if he/she is being referred to you.
  2. Verify licenses and view their recent works: This will give you an idea of how good a craftsmanship quality your contractor has.
  3. Check references and understand the work that is to be done.

6. Be your designer:

This is a no brainer! Just a little creativity can go a long way in saving unwanted remodeling costs such as hiring a contractor. Additionally, you can make your entire remodeling process a DIY process.

This will not only enable you to customize your bathroom to be exactly the way you like it but you also save a lot of money doing it all yourself. This can even include just moving your shower area items around so that it all fits in perfectly. This can give the area a slightly more organized feel which makes it better to look at.

7. Splurge Countertops: If nothing else, consider splurging on your bathroom countertops since they are crucial to giving that overall organized and aesthetic look to the area. Additionally, a good countertop should be one that dries quickly and does not stay wet for very long.

A good countertop also is extremely spacious to allow for the storage of several daily shower and hygiene items. They can even support the necessary bathroom furniture and thus make them a little more accessible. Make sure the countertop matches with and blends in with your theme.

8. Do the plumbing work by yourself: If you can do any plumbing work that needs to be done by yourself that will save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on hiring a plumber.

Most plumbing work in bathrooms is relatively simple to carry out and can thus be easily done by you and you will not need the help of a plumber to do such plumbing work unless it is very complicated. Further, any equipment that may be needed to do the plumbing work can usually be found at home and thus generally does not need any additional help.

9. Do not change the plumbing:

Plumbing work does not wear out that easily and will not need to be replaced or changed unless something is significantly wrong and not functioning. This will save you a lot of money and this could be spent on other more required aspects of your bathroom remodeling process, and if not, it could just be saved!

Plumbing items can be quite expensive and thus should not be your remodeling process’ main focus unless it is not functioning or it is causing other issues such as a constant wet floor caused by a leaky pipe.

10. Buy already used items:

This is a huge cost-cutting tip. Even if it is an item of extreme importance and requires a high standard of quality such as the plumbing, buy items that have already been used. This does not always require a compromise on quality!

Buying pre-used items such as sinks and bathtubs will be a whole lot cheaper than brand new items and will thus do for items such as shower room furniture and stands. This does not always have to be items that are of significant importance. This could even include small knick-knacks that will make your shower area look more aesthetic.

11. Use prefab boards to cover up:

The principle of using a prefab board is to cover or hide any minor holes or cracks in the walls. They can even be used to resurface surfaces instead of having to completely replace it which will cost a lot more.

Covering up or even resurfacing wallboards is a smarter choice to take when remodeling on a budget when compared to replacing the entire unit. When using prefab boards, it also gives you the choice to choose the color you want it to be. It also gives you the chance to change the design of the part that is being covered up.

12. Tile the shower: Choosing the tiles for this process is the fun part and it is completely up to you to choose the design. Tiling the shower can be an intimidating task but the key to getting it done is to be patient and not power through too quickly.

Rushing the process can lead to leveling errors. To prevent those, start with the bottom row and make sure it is level. The next layers will follow accordingly. Tiling your shower area makes it easier to keep clean. Once the tiles have been laid, let them rest for a day or two and they will be good to use.

Ending Note:

It is clear from the above-mentioned tips and tricks that remodeling does not have to be a process that will wipe your bank accounts clean. It is, rather, a process that can be completed with minimal expenditure. Even with minimal expenditure, your bathroom can be made to look its best with the perfect adaptations.

Sometimes, just adding a few items around the area can be all your shower room needed to look organized and complete. It allows you to be creative and does not hurt your wallet. Remember these tips when you make the next remodeling plans.
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